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June 30th, 2014

Page 428

I’m not sure things have ever gone Lech’s way.  When is the self proclaimed Alpha going to come out on top?  Will all that marker wash off?  Does Gimp have enough anti-septic?

We went walking in Gatineau park with the boys today, in 30 degree weather, plus whatever the humidex adds.  I take back my complaints about how long winter was!  I just want a happy medium :P  Surprisingly, there was zero complaints or requests to be carried from the three year olds.  Sam also didn’t whine.  Can’t say the same about the husband!  So first day of summer vacation down, 2 months to go!  I am gladly taking suggestions for more activities to keep kids busy.  We’re going berry picking tomorrow, and then I’ve scheduled some time for me to go nuts waiting for Sept to come back :)

Korra’s back!  Korra’s back!


  1. chocoblue

    Lech is in trouble~ :D Oh, and go Evil! XD

  2. Anonymous

    Hmph… if it was Lech scratching Slutty, I doubt people would be finding it amusing.

  3. TailaBlu


    That is incredible!

  4. J.

    I laughed so hard at this comic I actually had tears in my eyes. Great work!

  5. Nicole

    Hahahaha! Holy crap! I’m afraid Lech has bit off more than he can chew.

  6. gamehunter8

    hahahahaha thats what you get!

  7. NAZF

    I somehow knew things would end up bad for Lech… XD

    …Then again, that’s like saying fire’s gonna be hot, ice is gonna be cold, and hater’s gonna hate… sorry about that one… ^_^;

    Also, this is the reason why you don’t take your pants of for just anything that moves (despite the fact bears don’t wear pants). XD

  8. TheGnome

    I got it! Her name is Karma.

  9. gomamon2003

    Such a dominating personality… ^^

  10. Whitnay

    She’s terrifying.

    I wonder how Gimp will react to her….

  11. Jeff


  12. T-Shaw

    I pretty sure lech won’t last tonight. That girl is CRAZY!!!

  13. Anonymous

    @TheGnome: Oh, okay. And if a woman was a femme fatale who used men for fun and then she got raped, would you also call the rapist Karma?

  14. Nick Yao

    I really want to know what will happen to Prozac (⊙ω⊙)

  15. anonymous

    Ohhh! she’s an S! I knew it had to be some SOMETHING related to Lech’s persona.
    Oh this is gonna be good. I just had a giggle fit at work (hoping nobody can hear me in my cube)
    I wonder how Prozac’s potential mate is doing..hmm

  16. Irmavep

    oookaaay slutty may not be her name. But I dont think Sexually Aggressive Bear scans as well :)
    Interesting to see how she will interact with gimp and evil

  17. chocoblue

    It wasn’t Evil who vandalized Lech’s doll. Take a closer look ;)

  18. chase

    OH CRAP! I want to see her try and pull that with Evil!
    But oh man, with the stereotypes everywhere, I wanna bet she gets away with it because of Lech says anything or does anything, he’s gonna be labeled a womanizer.

  19. Alister

    @chocoblue HOLY CRAP I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT. Good eye! I’m not sure it was all Nerd though, I doubt he would have misspelled “loser”. Something tells me more than one bear had a part in that.

    Wow, this is almost like when Lech got a hold of that car! He came off looking cool and in control, but it’ll just end up in a wreck, with both his body and ego bruised to the max. He should’ve taken more notes from that grizzly documentary!

  20. abowden

    Eh, he’ll still go through with it.

  21. Demigoddess

    I laughed so suddenly/loudly the person in the same room as me mistook it for donkey braying. Good job on this page in particular, Alison… It’s hard to make me literally ‘laugh-out-loud’ over the Internet.
    The only part I’m confused about is why Lech was confused (?) In panel 10. Is it something to be mentioned later or am I just a nimrod?
    Lech’s face in panel three was perfect XD
    @Chocoblue *high five* Sorry, you just seem awesome. It’s an illness I have that my most common reaction is high fives. Don’t leave me hanging :P

  22. Ravako

    @Anonymous Before you get your misandry engines running too hot, it’s a joke and a call back to this comic page: Also note that they are bears and not humans. Their mating styles are a little…different. Lech is probably only looking shocked because he thought he’d be the one “on top” here. The dominant female is not a thing he was expecting.

  23. Ninkurou

    She is dominating Lech! I belive that his pride will stop him from telling this to any of the Bears… Hehe!

  24. Ravako

    But you are right that sexual assault and rape are not funny regardless of gender. I will say that this page is just Lech realizing this is not what he signed up for, and I would bet money that next comic is going to be him running out of the room. In other words, nothing but karma right now. I honestly can’t see sex becoming a part of this comic, offscreen or not.

  25. Madmatt

    As something fun the boys might like. Fill up a big thing of water balloons and use them to play baseball in the park.

  26. Anonymous

    @Ravako: I forget about that part. My apologies, then.

  27. Ninkurou

    Ravako, youre right! But I still think that Lech will not tell the truth. He wants to be the Alpha.
    Maybe we will get something on the line of Furrball meets Fifi?

  28. Bry

    oh my… o~o

  29. Edward

    So we have PMS and Dominatrix. Oh what fun to be had now.

  30. TaggertShare

    I can’t believe I saw that coming. Like I said before Lech, you may come back limping. This is one of the reasons this divorced Guy seldom dates. It’s like the song says “with Love you’ll never know what you’ll catch”. I work where there is a Bar. I have seen some very aggressive Women there. There are three that come to my mind. They can out drink, out swear, and beat up just about any Male. I have also found some shocking items while cleaning The Women’s Restroom. Everything from weapons to plastic penis sex toys!

    I told my Parents about some of the things I have found and seen. I told them that is why it is a Women’s Restroom and not a Ladies’ Restroom. My Mother fully agreed with that observation.

  31. Nonsens

    @Ravako, Awww! I forgot how cute their emotions was back then!
    What a difference now!

  32. Nonsens


    Alison!!! Page doesn’t work!

  33. chocoblue

    @Demigoddess: *high fives back* Thanks! You’re awesome too! X3
    @Alister: Yeah, I noticed that Loser was misspelled. I know Nerd wouldn’t misspell it. Evil needs to work on his grammar. He wrote the same thing on a hippo in the same arc when he accidentally dropped Gay’s voodoo doll into the fire.
    At least my Death Bear seems safe, unless miss pink has a high pain tolerance to electric shocks.

  34. chocoblue

    Sorry, I meant the word stupid was misspelled. *face palm*

  35. Vausch

    @Nonsens: Why? They shaved him, they didn’t neuter him. It’s common practice when an animal has a skin condition of some kind.

  36. Ari

    I knew exactly how the purple one would be like, since she has a tampon on her chest, but the pink one i had no idea, i’m not surprised. I can’t stop laughing!

    Happy birthday to Owen and Evan, by the way! They’re so cute! I’ve been reading since they were born, but I haven’t commented because I’ve often lost track of time on the comic!

  37. Mazz

    Lust bear?

  38. AlexBC

    @Ninkurou I dont think he’ll be able to lie over those claw marks XD

  39. Chris

    Oh sh…

  40. TaggertShare

    @Vausch and Nonsens: There is alternate explanation. My Vet is a woman. She gave my Male Cats (sadly now deceased, one to old age, one to Cancer) vasectomies. The way Cats are made such Males who do it with a Female in Heat will get her out of Heat. She will have a false Pregnancy, no kittens. But she is happy, a Boy got her out of Heat. The Boy is happy too! He did it with a girl! It’s a win win situation. Perhaps these Bears are made that way.

    Of course a Bear with a vasectomy would fail a breeding program, which fits right in with this Zoo!

  41. Wasted


  42. Coo Coo Ca Chu

    @Wasted: LMFAO WOW, had me rolling

  43. chase

    I think he’s gotta play rough right back. That way if they both come out of it with claw marks no one can say he’s a jerkhole for hurting her too. I think…

  44. Alister

    @chocoblue Talking about the topic of safety, I’d say the rest of the bears would be pretty safe if Gimp gets her attention after she’s done with Lech, seeing how rough she is.

  45. Llama118


  46. Cam

    DunDunDUH, Also, I was wondering why Lech was confused by the bear, then I realized it had that Star Trek symbol on it. So did Nerd do it? Both? O:

  47. Bunny

    lol the safe word is that there is no safe word

  48. dizzie

    haha….i have a strong feeling the breeding program will fail.

    Lust/slutty likes to play rough…perhaps too rough, i think. even gimp would likely avoid her games.
    And PMS is so emotionally unstable she’ll end up disliking all the males and refuse to breed. oh yes, fun times ahead :D so loving this comic man. its so horrible, cute, violent and all around amazing.

  49. corvuscorone68

    can bears be succubi?

  50. Magasek

    You know, it doesn’t matter if Lech says anything or not. Gimp is a sensitive bear and will see the scratches (and whatever else she does before the night is over). He’ll then apply his usual care to patching Lech up and commiserate with him over the damage. And then, when he returns to his room, he’ll do a little happy dance and dream of Slutty.

  51. Trolldrool

    Almost completely what I expected would happen.

  52. Gallows

    In the animal kingdom, males tend to be rough in general. As was presented earlier, a male bear will dig his claws into the female’s hindquarters so she can’t get away. A male bear will also eat a female’s cubs that aren’t his to try and force her into estrus (the term for In Heat for bears). These bears may show human behavior, but they are not human. Standards of rape and abuse don’t figure into this situation.

    If this comic was about bottle nose dolphins it’d be even darker. Those are serial murderers and rapists for fun. Aren’t animals enjoyable? ;)

  53. HUNRonin


  54. Constace

    @Gallows - Well, humans are animals, essentially. Guess it runs in the “family”. =P

  55. Gallows

    @Constace-True. We are animals. Which people forget. Though at least in our case, digging out claws into a lover’s hindquarters is just foreplay. And in some parts of the world, you pay extra for that service. :D

  56. RenegadeWizard

    Wait, I think Lech is just assuming Evil did that to the sextoy. Look at the chest: a Star Trek symbol. As well as the purple coloration… I actually think -Nerd- did that.

  57. J.

    @corvuscorone68, I dunno but a succubus can be a bear!

    Link is SFW. I double-checked to make sure.

  58. Draange

    For your viewing pleasure, a bear succubus.

    I’ve been reAding for a while, but this was the first time I could actually contribute something to the conversation.

  59. Tyler

    Am I the only one that thinks that Nerd was the one that vandalized the bear? Theres a star trek symbol on it.

  60. WerewoofVonMindfang

    Some domestic abuse is never a good thing, but lech did have such a situation coming, hopefully someone will rescue him before she manages any real damage!

    A part of me wonders though, how she’ll get along with gimp~

    Can’t wait to find out! :D

  61. Demigoddess

    @Alison or @Admin whichever…
    See if you can get your kids attention long enough to make a sort of time-capsule scrapbook. I mean the whole shebang; finger prints, pictures, favorite things. Then give it to them after they graduate highschool. It will probably take a while if they can’t focus, so if you’re interested I suggest that you kind of sneak in the pieces. (Finger painting, snatching discarded drawings, asking for a picture of their most favorite toy, food, ect.)

  62. chocoblue

    In a slightly off topic comment, if I was a lady bear in this series i’d be a mix of Nerd an Evil with a pinch of Prozac. I love comic books and am generally pleasant unless provoked. And if you do me wrong, there will be hell to pay.

  63. feartheswans

    Some jobs are best left to Gimp!

  64. Monochrome

    I was going make a comment about her and Gimp, but it has been rendered redundant by the previous commenters. Great minds think alike? :D

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