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October 17th, 2011

Page 291

A couple more fan art pics up on the fan art page and don’t forget to check out the BN Facebook page: I’ll be posting the next arc title card there early so FB peoples will get a preview.  I also post random tee designs and old vote incentive images, etc. so there’s lots there to check out (and you know, share and pimp out, etc.)

Playing around with non zoo animals … though you never knooooow :)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    I can only wonder when Gimp will take the bandages off…

  2. Zankou

    hmm, i was honestly expecting a longer chapter then that, either way it was still great and funny like always!

  3. Lemrez

    Where did Gay get a scorpion???

  4. Yuan Wolf

    Gay and Nerd getting the fun out of there little lives.
    I feel sorry for them when Evil is free… whenever he does get free. Hehe

  5. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    @Lemrez: If I had to guess, I’d say Evil’s bedroom.

    Or one the zoo exhibits…

  6. alexander

    lol, didn’t even need to do it himself, just leave that to other people who he has pissed off (i.e. everyone)

  7. Lemrez

    @soundwave-maybe he picked it up on the way in :P?

  8. Lemrez

    Also soundwave Evil will probably squirm out of the bandages eventually and kick those 3’s arses

  9. Yuan Wolf

    Well, all but Tank. He’s to nice for that.

  10. justsomeperson

    wow short arc. also the Gimp scares me now.

  11. Tara

    I think Gay and Nerd are forgetting that Evil WILL have revenge on the two of them as soon as his fake wounds heal. :p

  12. Kylie Ann

    Oh my gosh, I love this page forever.

    While I adore Evil, I love the fact that Gay and Nerd are able to get some form of revenge - although as others have stated, I’m sure Evil is going to get some payback, and it’s going to be alot worse for them then what they’re doing to him.

    I thought this was going to be a bit of an origin of Gimp arc though, I’m kind of glad it wasn’t though, just so we can see a bit more of Gimp’s personality.

  13. Narfcake

    In a way, I saw it coming. Still, I was absolutely rolling! The expressions on Nerd and Gay … priceless!

    Don’t forget you can always support Alison (which in turn, supports Bear Nuts) by buying her shirt @ woot.

    It’ll only be around as long as it sells well, so grab one sooner rather than later. Just be mindful of the sizes - American Apparel sizes their shirts differently.

  14. Feartheswans

    When Karma strikes, it hits like an f’ing MACK TRUCK BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. likeacupcake

    Evil gets his just deserves ^_^

  16. Smakkowarner

    I aspect the scorpion from Nerd, not from Gay!

  17. Mathias

    i liked this chapter a lot! short but VERY sweet^^
    so, whats up for the next one? evil’s revenge on gimp, nerd and gay?

  18. Kath

    depending on the area you live in scorpions are as common as spiders (we have spider/ scorpion traps everywhere in our house but beyond the spider, we only catch centipieds) But, they are in a zoo, so the answer would be, at the scorpion exibit, and as they can breed like bunnies, its probable that the zoo tossed them into the food chain. Bears eat grubs, bugs and roots etc, so, seeing that Nerd had a bag of chips, its possible that he Gay got it to snack on while there is a show, However, being “gay” its also possible that he had it as - uh, a toy…

    not to worry, it’s only the small scorpions you have to worry about, and the adult sting isn’t any worse that a bee sting…

  19. Lemrez

    @Kath-If I found a scorpion in my house I would die… and if i’m correct the full grown small scorpions do more damage than full grown large ones when comparing poisons,nerd had a bag of itching powder.

  20. tommykl

    I spent enough time living in countries with more than a few venomous critters, Kenya and Australia. Scorpions do make a loud crunching sound when you crush them and that the little guys are the most dangerous.

  21. Old Grizzly

    Just Love Gimp’s face in panel Three, Job Done !

  22. Palmetto

    Since Allison won’t toot her own horn, I will. She’s doing a guest artist gig this week over at ‘Luci Phurr’s Imps’:

  23. Palmetto

    Since Allison won’t toot her own horn, I will. She’s doing a guest artist gig this week over ‘Luci Phurr’s Imps’. Google it; apparently the Comments app won’t let me embed a link.

  24. Sketch

    N’aww. Bless Evil. I really do hope he gets back at Nerd and Gay, although I don’t mind about the Gimp really, but he is pretty cute, I admit.

  25. Paul

    This just got me into a total laughing spree for like 5 minutes.

  26. Beta

    I have to pee.

    Classic :)

  27. Nicole

    Well, Nerd and Gay are making their own beds, but hopefully, Evil has learned that revenge on the Gimp would be a very VERY bad idea.

  28. Keairan

    Gay’s face in this is what nightmares are made of.

  29. alexander

    Lol if I was nerd and evil took revenge on me, I would find a way to hurt him, WORSE

  30. Aps

    Myahaha, brilliant :D

  31. richard s f

    you know Gay and Nerd haven’t actually used said items, just approached Evil…And Evil is Freaking out…I wonder why…one more terrible thing to do to someone without actually doing something to them lol.

  32. Beta

    Awwwww helllll yeaaaaaa.

    If anyone hasn’t checked out the new bear nuts facebook page, you should, cause the new logo caused the above comment. :D

    And panel 8 is one of my favourites ever. Ranks up there with the “You have to have MAN balls for a car like that.” panel.

  33. Blacky Blackerson

    I just got back from the Facebook page and now I’m like…YAY!!! It’s the return of the Three Douches!!! Please make them recurring characters, they add a nice spice to the Bear Nuts crew. I may not have to wait too long to see what happened to Steven after all.

    You know, I don’t blame Nerd and Gay one bit! I mean, he’s Evil for Gods sake; he’s going to do terrible things regardless of if they torment him or not. Kind of a short arc, but hey we got to see Gimp have his arc online, so I can’t complain when I see Gimp tying Evil up letting Nerd and Gay torment him. Speaking of which…..

    -Time for a Random Character Analysis Fact-

    We all know that Gimp is a sadomasochist, but there are many different words for different ones. He would be classified as a “Switch”. A Switch is a sadomasochist that will be submissive at times (examples are the early Holiday posters and the end of the 2nd chapter) and dominant at other times (most recent chapters including this one). You might say they are the bi-polars of the BDSM world. Wonder if Gimp will ever revert back to subby.
    -And that was your Useless Character Analysis for the night-

  34. Lemrez

    Awesome new logo is awesome.

  35. justsomeperson

    If I’m reading the Facebook page right, there might be a new update this Friday! Yaaay!

  36. Mark Linimon

    I smushed a scorpion just last night. It’s hard to avoid them here in Texas (especially with the drought, they are searchign for water.)

  37. Sketch

    Lovin’ the new logo for the Facebook page. <3

    @justsomeperson: Not too sure, but she has like… 2 or 3 kids. I haven’t kept up, but yeah, you get it.

  38. Beta

    I think that the monday friday updates thing on facebook is just a thing that hasnt been changed. Not a big deal, as there willl probably be friday updates at some point in the future, they were backburned for the birth of the twins. It’s, like gay would put it, like a fashion cycle. Eventually if you wait long enough it’s in again. :)

  39. Narfcake

    @Sketch: Three boys, two of whom will be 4 months old in two days.

  40. Beta


    I just clicked on the link that Palmetto posted earlier that I for some reason didn’t view. My question is why DIDN’T Alison toot her own horn about that guest spot. It has piqued my interest!

    And now I’ve found another comic to read. This one seems like a good candidate for reading, as most web-comics out there tend to be… way to “romanticized” for my tastes.

    And dang Narfcake, you do some really good memorization there! down to days in accuracy :)

  41. Sketch

    @Narfcake: Pffff~ I knew that. <3

    @Beta: Has it now? ^^ C: I gotta say, no webcomic on Earth is better than Bear Nuts. :3

  42. Beta

    Well, I don’t deny that. It is a really good web comic. I’ve just never really been into web comics. Until Bear Nuts that is :)

  43. Wolfen

    For webcomics, I like Bear Nuts and Lackadaisy.

  44. Tara

    I love his cute little tushy and his fluffy tail in the first panel! XD

  45. KStormGemini

    Great arc. I was kind of hoping to find out why Gimp had the mask and all but that’s cool. I wondered how Death got his abilities too but each one’s origins seem different. Though we did see the beginnings of Tanked, Evil and Prozac so we did get our baby bear fixes in. ^_^
    Still… A chibi-fied Death would be just too cute!
    Anyway, thanks for the great comic and hope the boys all give you a lil rest in there once in a while. ^^ ♥

  46. Old Grizzly

    I follow Lucy furrs Imp as well. Guest Six !!! =) Punch Line is a Classic. Many thumbs ups

  47. Old Grizzly

    Seems our friends across the pond don’t get the last bit. Good old Lancashire MP’s. They will never guess what a meat pie floater is. PS Don’t want to ruin the punch line so go see the comic strip

  48. Zankou

    Last! its the new first. Havn’t been here really this week so i thought id post a comment.

  49. Beta

    I never really got that whole “first” thing.

    Also, it is pretty close to a new arc. I wonder what will happen.

    And Zankou, I can’t recall where that avatar you always use is from. It’s always so familiar, yet it escapes me every time.

  50. alexander

    It’s from the ‘buy my book’ -book of evil.

  51. EJAK5199

    Lol “I have to pee”

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