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June 20th, 2011

Page 274

Today is C section day!!!  It’s scheduled for 1:00 I think but I can always get bumped for emergencies so hopefully it doesn’t get completely bumped to the next day.  My doctor was originally going for 34 weeks which would give me another two weeks here but one of her colleagues in a different city mentioned one of his mono patients had recently lost both her twins suddenly about two days before she hit 32 weeks, and she already had her section booked.  I immediately stopped feeling sorry for myself and asked if they could pop them on the monitor again right now!  A sobering story but it reminded me why I was stuck here so I sucked it up for another week and hopefully it will all be over soon.  I’ve been checking email and approving comments sporadically but I expect to go dark for a bit while I recover from being gutted (I know that’s a bit of a stretch but they are going to cut me open and take out my insides… gross.)

And many of you have dirty minds!  Gay’s just there to work the pedals :)

I haven’t had time to do another Melee image in a long time so this was kind of a fun mini-melee to squeeze in for one of Woot’s design derbies.  The theme was anthro food, not really my thing so I went with murderous gummi bears of course.  (Diane, that stuck in my head until I got it out on paper!)  Of course it didn’t do very well vote wise compared to the Mario/Portal/Ninja Turtle refs and even a Cthulu cookie monster (that one looked awesome though).


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Of course Gay’s just going to work the pedals! Lech would never allow Gay to do what those with dirty minds think he was going to do!

  2. Zandra

    Oh god! XD looks like Vanity has got whatever Lech had! Oh so many thoughts about that going through my mind… none of them good.

  3. Pop

    You ARE doing it on purpose!

  4. Zankou

    Way to break the fourth wall their lech

  5. justsomeperson

    Hey, just discovered this awesome comic last month, now I’m a huge fan. I’d like to get The Book of Prozac and The Book of Evil, but does your publisher ship to the USA? Thanks for the assistance.

  6. Narfcake

    I hope all goes well with the DoOomkittens! We’re all cheering for ya!

    While ‘The Siege’ didn’t make it vote wise, it did get a Honorable Mention, so there is a second chance.

  7. Delakando


  8. Aps

    All the best with the C-section! Hope it goes well and the twins thrive well :)

  9. Chris

    That last panel… He knows what you’re thinking.

  10. coyoteBR

    All the best today.

    And isn’t Lech a bit too eager to get the truck moving? :D

  11. David!

    Work the WHAT?!

    Oh! Pedals!! Right!! Totally what I was thinking…


    They make a strange married couple in my head.

  12. Bleu_Ace

    All the best with the birth of your twins! Congratulations and hopes for a speedy (and painless) recovery!

  13. Kitsunekage

    Your right, Allison, we have dirty minds, I am going to be the first to admit it……. Fortunatly for everyone, what I am thinking is very unappropiate for these comments, so I shall settle for a “Gay was totally whipped, there”!

    …. God, how are you going to explain this page, and all related comments, to your children?…

  14. Moe H.

    Oh gawd. Lech’s face in the last panel made me laugh so hard! Oh and of course Gay would be the one working the pedals….

  15. rtlstien

    Well Lech’s rape face in the last panel isn’t really helping to dissuade those kinds of thoughts. If it were any other bear besides Gay we wouldn’t be thinking this.

    BTW I still have no idea if Gay is actually gay or if he only just acts gay.

  16. bakaneko

    Gay is going to work the pedals alright and maybe the shifter too.

  17. Raven

    Good luck with getting the kiddos out of the oven! Best wishes to you and your husband in the 18 years to come! ;)

  18. Beta

    Wow, I tried to look at the last three panels without words to sway my mind but it just made it worse. ESPECIALLY panel 7. Terrible without words :)

  19. Kath

    Sending hugs, and prayers your way.

    Not everyone is the same in giving birth, and they shouldn’t rush things unless they are certain. It may be hours before you can see them, (unless your awake when they do it, and thats happened too- which you really don’t feel anything.)

    Don’t worry about the scar, they do it side ways and it blends in with the skin fold. that, and healing are the least of what your worries are.

    When Sambit sees his siblings for the first time, and they have all those tubes and wires, - kids don’t care. they don’t see the tubes and wires to the monitors. He will accept them as they are, his new brothers- so don’t worry about that until he wants to poke their eyes out

    developmentally, the premees tend to be delayed as far as the gestational month they were to be born in. If they were taken 2 months early, it takes an extra 2 months for them to catch up where they should be. But, don’t worry, in 18 months time, your going to have your hands full chasing them around the house.

    Please let us know when you can!



  20. Jon B

    Hope the surgery goes well. Good luck. :) Great update.

  21. Sterling Rodd

    Wait a minute, change Crack’s IV bag? Last I recall he was on his feet feeling sorry for Tanked with the other guys. I miss something?

    Wait, I’m getting a psychic vision… something about panel seven… channeling… channeling… something about… not using teeth? Hmm, it’s gone now… strange…

    But I think Lech just wants to humiliate and slightly abuse Gay (or anyone else, really). I’m with Zankou. Love the nod to the camera in panel nine. :)

    Good luck, Alison; you know we’ll all be thinking of you and hoping it all goes well. :)

  22. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. Can I make a joke about Lech driving a Hummer…? :D

  23. Ariane

    @justsomeperson - yes, they ship to US. I have my copies with sketches!

  24. admin

    Got an IV in my arm and a sign up saying don’t feed me. There’s still three hours to go until surgery and all I got for breakfast was water… this is going to be a long day!
    @Justsomeperson: He definitely does, there’s a whole list of countries in the shipping section of the DMF site. Jason’s contact info if there too if you have any questions.
    @Narfcake: thanks! I’m sure everything will be fine.
    @Kitsunekage: :) I don’t think they’ll really be reading this until they’re old enough, I wouldn’t show it to kids under 12 or so I think. I definitely do want to get them into comics though so it’s nice to see more and more kid appropriate stuff coming out. Hopefully some day I can get some work producing said stuff. I have lots of kid friendly ideas too!
    @Kath: Thanks for the lovely comment. I know I won’t really get to see them until tomorrow (besides a quick glance as they take them out and whisk them off to the NICU doctors). Jim will get to go take lots of pics and I’ll have to settle for that. :(
    @Sterling: I’m just making fun of Crack’s uselessness and giving a quick reason why he’s not going along (perhaps it was a relapse from the corn incident). I had something more planned out but this arc was long enough and I kept getting sidetracked and had to drop stuff. Sure, Hummer jokes are fine. You kind of already made such a joke anyway :)

  25. Glowworm

    Good luck on the twins!

  26. Nicole

    So excited for you, Jim and Sambit! I’m praying for good health, a perfect c-section, and (to quote Narfcake) perfect little dooom kittens! *hugs*

  27. Reiu

    “Gay’s just there to work the pedals”…
    OMG, in my language, when you want to insult a homosexual you call him a pedal XD

  28. Yu Huo

    Best of luck to you! May your health stand firm and your doctors totally rock.

  29. Zukibat

    That sinister Mr. Furley camera-grin.

  30. Argon321

    Crossing fingers, toes and eyes for you and the Dooom Kittens! If you have to cough (laugh, move, breath) hug that pillow!

  31. Filthy Pazuzu

    Good luck, Alison!

  32. DoggyGal

    Yoai thoughts are really starting to get the better of me these days :D

  33. Katsudoo

    Good luck!..though by now you no doubt have your Chubkin-army in your mitts. :)

    Make sure they give you one of those c-section compression belt-bandage things after. Makes moving with the Giant Seeping Saw-Movie-esque wound a lot more tolerable if you’ve got something holding the flesh around it stillish. And I hope you guys are all doing well and are recovering nicely and get to have some good quality time going on.

  34. Beta

    Yay for Dooomkittens!!! :D

    Hoping for the best. Sam’s new brothers… He’ll hate it when he’s younger, and love it when he’s older, because he won’t have to share a lot of the things his twin brother’s have to. His own birthday, his own room (I’d guess, unless they all share one or the twins eventually get separate rooms.) He isn’t in the same class as his brother and has his own friends.. probably his own car (Much later down the road of course). Similar to when you have a brother who’s really close in age and then you have the youngest who’s a sister. She gets all her own stuff, and own presents during the holidays! While the brother’s have to share ripping the wrapping.

    Go Dooomkittens Go! :)

    But we still don’t know their names :(

  35. raeByppilF

    *Snicker* Oh yeah, Dirty Minds XD

  36. Brian Hibbs

    I should probably be more concerned with that face Lech is making but why in panel 4 does Gay’s head make a “goosh” sound, his head seems very squishy. Also I thought that Crack would be too scared of the needle to get an IV, I guess they could have knocked him out for it.

    Good luck with the new kids

  37. Kitsunekage

    @ Brian Hibbs it’s his suit that is making the goosh noise.

  38. Armagedonus

    c-section ?
    …please… please tell me you choose c-section for medical reasons and not for convenience or because you fear pain !
    (cesarean sections are medical procedures for saving human lives and nowadays people don’t get it)

  39. Sterling Rodd

    @Brian Hibbs - “why in panel 4 does Gay’s head make a “goosh” sound, his head seems very squishy.”

    Makes you wonder what’s in it. I imagine Lech has an opinion. :)

    “Also I thought that Crack would be too scared of the needle to get an IV, I guess they could have knocked him out for it.”

    But obviously they couldn’t give him a needle to knock him out to give him a needle, so… ‘time out for concussion’, to coin a phrase!

  40. Ceceoh

    Best wishes to you and the ‘lil parasites. You know, your children will probably be horrified that Mommy was the creator of Bear Nuts. That’s OK though, ’cause embarassing your children is half the fun of being a parent.

    Now your grandkids; they’re going to think you’re awesome!

  41. Colleen

    I hope the C-Section went well and you and the babies are doing well.

    That expression of Lech’s in the last panel just screams something evil. Why do I think he’s going to make this very unpleasant for Gay the whole trip.

  42. Zankou

    *insert generic good luck with newborns comment here*

  43. Jiters

    the face! omg the face lawl!

  44. Asia

    A bit late, but hope everything went perfectly and that you and the parasites are well!

  45. AkujiToxx
    I think they just referenced your comic. X3

  46. Vandigo

    Take as long as you need to recover form your c-section, I don’t think anyone would mind a few weeks of no updates. Especially because those little pink squishy things you’re gonna be having are much more important.

    You do good work, I laugh every time.

  47. Zankou

    @vandigo- … i never knew babies are little pink squishy things, unless im missing some kinda reference here. iv also never seen a newwww born baby before.

  48. Jade Griffin

    Can’t wait to hear how your extraction went! Maybe more than I want to see what comes next in the comic:) Yer still one of my idols! Love from, and best wishes!

  49. Vandigo

    @Zankou- Newborns are usually very pink and with the baby fat quite squishy, and unless its some kind of an elephant sized baby also very small. I mean, if you’ve never seen one straight out of the womb, you probably wouldn’t see them that way, lol. I’ve seen too many for someone who has no kids I guess.

  50. gabe

    great work! love the style

  51. Urthdigger

    Epic final panel. You definitely aren’t helping dissuade those with dirty minds.

  52. Zankou

    @urthdigger- the creepy part is, the fact that, if i remember correctly she has a couple of the comics drawn in advance for said hospital type incidences(or planned out ready to draw dont remember) so she new that many people would be having creeper thoughts and planned it like that :3. i think. with my luck i’m probably completely wrong here

  53. Brian Hibbs

    @Zankou: she probably planned this because she knew it was the combination of funny and disturbing that people just can’t look away from, she didn’t need to predict our ‘creeper thoughts’ to know this would work. I keep coming back to this to see Lech satring at me, and I haven’t been able to sleep since seeing it the first time.

    @sterling: since when did they need a needle to knock out crack? last I checked they had plenty of blunt objects to beat each other over the head with, just had too sneak up on him, then there’s always the death touch

  54. Zankou

    should have wondered this before. Why is crack on an IV bag anyway? i could see it if he was going with them, but from what i can see hes staying at the zoo. unless its cause hes having a panic attack at the thought of all of them leaving the zoo as well as it being in a truck lech is driving. although it could just be a joke, i tend to over think stuff.

  55. Sterling Rodd

    @Brian — Yeah, that’s why I went with concussion. Crack himself showed us the way when he brained Evil with a frying pan. :) I think Nerd’s capable of that kind of thing, but I think he has to be homicidally P.O.ed to do it. Hmm, Evil was the victim THAT time, too…

  56. Kath

    @Armagedonus - she chose the c section because she is having twins with a high risk pregnancy. The babies are being delivered early, hence the C section.

    Has any one heard how everyone is doing??

    Sending hugs & healing prayers


  57. Peach

    Best face ever in that last panel.

  58. Sterling Rodd

    @Kath — Yeah, I keep checking back to see if there are any updates. Mind you, a bunch of anonymous fans, we’re probably flattering ourselves that we’re anywhere on the radar for Alison and Jim right about now. :)

  59. Kitsunekage

    @ Sterling Rodd while I agree that we don’t appear one alison’s baby news radar, I do believe that she will update us on the condition of her newborn dooom kittens in the her comments for her next page. Even of its to stave off the inevitable questions about said newborns….

  60. Beta

    The suspense is what gets me, both comic and previously mentioned dooomkitten news.

  61. zankou

    @beta- I don’t know how much suspense is really happening right now in the comic, but i think its more the suspense of wondering how many more gay lech innuendos random people will come up with in the following weeks. I suspect many.

  62. Beta

    Not suspense as in the terms of chair gripping worry, but intrigue of what might happen next, or what has happened but we wont know until the next week. Im intrigued to know how this driving situation will work.

  63. zankou

    next couple comics, i predict some epic (fail) driving action scenes

  64. Kath

    Not just *any* anonymous fans, we are *loyal and concerned anonymous fans!!
    (though I think it may be just a case of Doomcat forgetting to let us know seeing how Allison probaby feels as if she has been through the wringer…)

  65. Miss Hope

    I’m a total GayxLech supporter. No doubt about it :D

  66. Cam

    I ship Glech! GayxLech~

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