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November 19th, 2010

Page 226

That’s one happy Gay.  I imagine I’ll soon find that Lech straddling Evil pose from panel 1 (or the preceding page) re-worked with a xxx rating and on one of ‘those’ forums, the ones where you just can’t unsee what you saw.  There’s NOTHING SEXUAL intended about that pose.  It’s a really strange thing to see characters you’ve created in positions you’d never think of, though some of them are pretty funny.

I wouldn’t want to be standing underneath when SpiderTanked swings by.

I know he’s not typically a super ‘hero’ (or is he??  I’m not familiar with the overall arcs of the 50 or so monthly X books) but I chose Magneto for Gimp simply because of the helmet shape (perhaps he’s a closet S&M fan too!).  Oh and I switched up the poll so you guys have something new to debate.  I won’t bother telling you which one my favorite is but the results may influence some eventual Nerd arcs… or I’ll likely just ignore you guys and do what I want since you all voted to kill Tanked with a pylon :)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Looks like Gay finally got his revenge for all those cracks Vainity made about him being old!

  2. Khyran Storm

    HAH! I love it! Come. Upp. Ance. To quote Nerd. Oh, and I’m a Death fan, so Whoo Hoo! A Death sighting. Also, just to set the record straight, I voted for the pylon, not because I wanted it to kill Tanked, but because I felt it would win. Just seemed like that was, well, an unfortunate truth. This poll was tough; I like ‘em all, but ended up going with Stargate. The egyptian stuff puts it over the top, for me.

  3. Chich

    Maybe Tanked lost to the pylon playing a fighting game. :D

  4. Lody

    lol @ gimp holding his paddle in the background.
    and finally death’s first appearance since ping pong came along.

  5. Steven

    I sometimes look at the panel before reading what they say and I did it for the first panel in this one. Thought they were gouging out evil’s eyes.

  6. TJ YZ

    I’m glad Gay’s in a better mood XD

  7. FTS

    Well, seems you finally got tired of the “when are death and gimp gonna show” questions huh? Killed two birds with one stone by making them appear simaltaneously. Also, I have to say it before anybody else does. “Spidertanked spidertanked does whatever a spidertanked does can he swing from a web, no he cant because he’s too drunk”

  8. FTS

    Also, im sorry but as one commenter has shown me is that the internet has rules and one is to corrupt that which is pure…or slightly pure…okay not pure BUT still not as corrupt! Keep up the good work Allison hope those wierdies don’t fint this page.

  9. TekServer

    I have to agree with Khyran Storm: this was a very tough poll; I am a fan of all of these settings! I ultimately settled on Stargate as well (which was, at least in part, due to the time loop episode … ).


  10. likeacupcake

    I was hoping for a Revenge of the Nerds reference, but Gay’s Revenge will have to keep me satisfied, *Ahem*:

    Looks like that pocket mirror is stylish, and functional…

    Okay; you all have permission to kill me if I say anything like that again.

    I just love the looks on Death and Gimp’s faces: “One wrong word, and we will f*** your s*** up.”

    Oh, and try as you might, if you obtain any degree of fame, then it is only a matter of time before someone twists EVERYTHING into a homosexual, or just plain sexual, way.

  11. Plushy

    Tank must build additional pylons?

  12. Alix

    Well of course you’re going to see slash up the wazoo if you don’t have any female characters, I mean come on.

    So this was a group effort, huh? Interesting.

  13. Vivz

    DIGGIN’ how Gay’s expressions change in those few panels, subtle changes like that are my favorite bits in comics, you can really see it happening! :D

  14. Stitchpunk1

    Yay its Death! We haven’t seen him in a while!

  15. kitsunekage

    When Prozac gives in, or is other-wise incompacitated, trust Death to come and fill his place. Even Lech while step aside for him…. Thu Evil *still* hasn’t learned his lesson…..

    @FTS Rule 34, buddy, Rule 34…….

    @Antony the only problem would be location and timing…. This up coming summers already pretty muched called for, and I don’t know any studios for that kind of thing near Whitehorse, so……. But I still love to do Crack!

    “All I wanted was a Cookie!”

  16. coyoteBR

    Well, so it was not an act of heroism of Lech, he was only being the muscle of the bears. I would say Gay has some Schadenfreude going on, but it would not be true… it’s more than that, he’s practically having an orgasm with the situation.

    Great update, it just begs a burning question:
    Why does someone covered in fur needs compact powder? :D :D

  17. Ketira

    comic… good; I was wondering if Death would get over the caffeine habit. As for Evil…. I think he’s about to learn his lesson, if Death gives Evil the touch. (I bet Death has total control over it so that it just KO’s Evil instead of kills him.)

    Incentive…. I’m with you. I’d have an umbrella handy around that superhero. (Yes, Spidey is a superhero, but he’s not much appreciated by the press. If you mean Magneto, well…. the original is the opposite of Xavier. However, in Gimp, we see a good side of those powers!)

    As for the poll: I see I’m in the minority –again. I was one of the few who voted for Tanked beating the pylon simply because he’s a prime candidate for the “Drunken Master” form of martial arts. I voted for Trek simply because I grew up watching the show –mainly the reruns of the Original series. ;)

  18. Hex

    HA! Like how death just appears from nowhere.

  19. Hex

    OH wait and gimp too ??? Huh this raises some question of why death and gimp just appear and gimp has a paddle? hehehe

  20. Kavukamari

    where the hell has death been all this time?

    I missed the little guy D: he’s like my favorite

  21. jozaud

    when i saw the gimp hero i didn’t see magneto at all. I thought it was blackbolt. He has the bull horns on his helmet, and also there is the fact that he never speaks because his super power is a supersonic destructive voice. That made more sense for gimp to me, seeing as he doesn’t ever speak either.

    also, magneto isn’t really a villain. The x-men are good guys in that they support a wold where mutants and humans live together in peace, but magneto and his followers support mutant supremacy. he isn’t evil, he is just an extremist.

    Also: i feel like a total geek now.

  22. tsophiekins

    Maaaaaaaaan I love to see these guys working together. Nerd has totally taken over some of Prozacs role, along with Death and Lech <3. And those 4 panels of Gay’s expressions!
    It’s so hard to pick a favourite bear. I think I love them all equally.

  23. Lucky

    OH MY GOD, Gay with one Evil expression? D: Something is going very wrong in that panel… or maybe not >3

  24. Tigerbitten

    Daww…Gay is living up to his name! He is happy again! Unhappiness causes gas and bloating

  25. TheDoggyGal

    Now Nerd has the cursing bug!:D Anyway,I knew Vanity would faint when he found out of how he looks. And also, I wonder what Gimp was gonna do with that paddle….

  26. Maskee

    Gimp and Death are looking pretty badass in the background of the second panel~

  27. 1up20x6

    SpiderTanked seems like one disgusting hero, but I’m sure Gimp is having fun with Magneto’s powers. ;)

    Speaking of Gimp, glad to see another appearance of him, and Death.

    And it is becoming more and more clear that Evil is truly, undeniably insane. He has no sense of consequences.

    And as for those sites, just remember that nothing is pure to their eyes.

  28. Squival

    Gimp bear with the paddle board is genius

  29. DeathLover

    This. Should. Be. A. SHOW! :D lol :3

  30. Kenichi340

    Death Bear out of effing nowhere! Sweet!

  31. Glowworm

    I didn’t realize it in the comic before this one–but Evil drew over Vanity’s star sign–it’s now poo. XD!

  32. iknewthat

    “Hey! I thought you liked me now!”
    Vanity, now you shall learn the vastly different natures and personalities between your exhibition-mates… and you shall also learn to gratefully use those eyes, which you almost just lost, to distinguish which of your roommies you should stay away from! Hint: it’s right on their bellies! ><

    GO GAY! Accidental revenge!! XD

    I recommend now that they all shave Evil so he maybe knows what it’s like… nevermind that won’t change him, he IS Evil Bear after all. =/

  33. Bill

    My favorite part is Gimp in the background with a paddle, apparently eyeing Nerd’s butt with bad thoughts… XD

  34. Kralion

    Look at Vanitys chest in panel 3…Seems Evil made him a new Symbol! (Tell me he is gonna keep it Alison, please)

  35. Shenhibiki

    Never thought I’ll see Gay with an EVIL grin and THIs happy. XD

  36. Kill2Survive

    “Death Returns volume 4″

  37. Nicole

    Whoa! I love Evil’s POV in panel 2! If Lech hadn’t taken Evil down, Death and Gimp were sure ready to!

    Panel 7 is glorious!

    Man…I really like the group dynamics of these characters. And I gotta say, I like how unrepentant Evil is…so true to his own nature!

  38. BoredStiffy

    Evil shaved his face but left the eyebrows?

  39. Nicole

    They’re cartoon eyebrows. Therefore, they are indestructible. ;)

  40. Sora A.K.

    ANGRY NERD! Also, yay Death, but I’m sure plenty of people have already gone yay over him.

    I would just like to say that I voted for Tanked in the previous poll. On this poll… I don’t feel I’ve seen enough of any of them to vote…

  41. Nicole

    Forgot to mention…


  42. HybirdZerro

    Didn’t take part of the polls this, was never a fan of any of the four, more of a Outlaw Star fan myself.

    And Spider-Tanked rules! (though Evil would probably fit more as Symbiote Spiderman)

  43. Anthony

    (Speaking to Evil!)

    Well, ya could, but then your forgetting da fact that he’s….. Like, not the kind of bear dat u would wanna mess around with. Ya’ know!?!?

  44. Xuncu

    Heh, looks like Gay’s been hanging around Evil a bit more than the others.

  45. zombie matt

    lol thats just funny

  46. Enigma

    Mheheheheheehehehhehe now THATS the Evil I know and LOVE!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So he now knows not to get on Evils bad side how long be for he learns about not getting Death angry with him?

  47. silverfang16

    Death you’re……taking the new guy rather well. I imagine he had no idea of your powers and made snotty comments to you before.

  48. reccaman

    i bet they wanted to do more than just skin him at first anyway

  49. Angela

    Evil does have a point in his twisted little brain of his.
    And kudos for including Firefly in the poll! WOO!

  50. CyberCorn Entropic

    Evil is very much the Freudian idea of the id – full of impulses with no thoughts of the consequences. If he cared to think about it, Evil might realize that if the other bears might love to see Vanity skinned for being an egotistical jerk, what might they love to see happen to him, who is so much worse? Yet, Evil is still pretty much unmangled.

  51. CyberCorn Entropic

    Also, I think Gimp has lately pretty much cornered the “why am I living with these idiots?” expression market, although it’s Death who, this time at least, seems interested in investing in face palms.

    Also, when Death comments that a certain mode of dying is not a good idea, one should listen.

  52. TheGnome

    Gimp in panel 2. Let the pain begin.

  53. Kill2Survive

    When death talks ye listen

  54. Anime fan

    Skin, not MUTILATE.

  55. Evil2.0

    Gimp seems ready to deliver some…punishment

  56. Valentine

    evil seems to have rubbed off on gay abit look at his smile in panel 8

  57. Anthony

    The chapter iz called “Evil Thoughts”, right? So does dis means dat we’re lookin’ at events dat never actually happend?

    (Evil, what the f**k iz wrong wit’chu?!?!)

  58. Hoheh

    Called it.

  59. Koo

    Look what I found.

  60. kitsunenongrata

    I voted for the pylon not because I thought it would kill him, but really, tanked is too drunk to win any fight. there was nothing saying he would die if he lost.

  61. Firgs

    I love love love that Vanity has a steaming pile of poo under his star. ^_^
    Makes me wonder what they all have underneath their belly symbols. Oh the possibilities!!!

  62. Enigma

    I’ve been thinking they are only saying Evil can’t KILL Vanity that still leaves non-fatal forms of torment. It also leaves Evil free to use mental torment as well ^_^b both means Evil can play with Vanity for a MUCH longer period of time. @Firgs Evil shaved off the belly fur and the star and drew the poo with a marker.

  63. d

    Not gonna lie Koo.
    The condom one made me laugh

  64. Firgs

    @Enigma - oh wow, I totally missed that! Thanks for letting me know. :)

  65. eeteed

    i thought that gimp would dress as the punisher for superhero dress-up.

  66. Jeroen

    I’d never vote to have tanked KILLED by a pylon! I just say he couldn’t win a fight with one. Tricky things those pylons, especially when drunk…

    Great hero outfits by the way. I do keep missing the Friday ones, watching my 6 month old and surfing the web do not go hand in hand. You post the to deviant-art as well?

  67. gokol

    So gimp is Jewish?

  68. gokol

    Death as Black Lantern Might Work!

  69. gokol

    Your Canadian so may be Gate.
    As at least Atlantis was made in Vancouver. Anyway I voted Stargate even though I don’t have favorite

  70. miike

    I love the steaming pile that Evil drew on his shaved belly.

  71. Hoheh

    Gay put on his Evil face.

  72. Aps

    aah, underneath the star, Vanity is just a turd - love the detail! :)

  73. Sterling Rodd

    I didn’t know Nerd used language like that. :)

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