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November 15th, 2010

Page 225

Evil may be creative when it comes to pranks and vengeance-taking and general dickery, but his imagination is pretty limited in the end.  He tends to fixate, or I guess why change up the classics like ice cream scooping someone’s eyes?  I remember a CSI Vegas ep where the psycho baddie of the week took one eyeball from his victim and sewed it into someone else’s socket and let them go (he first lobotomized them thru the nose though).  One, that’s really gross, and two, I wonder about the writing staff on some of these shows… where do ideas like that come from??  I don’t think I would ever think of one person doing something like that to another.  Do they get bonuses for coming up with the most gross and inhumane thing to do?  How do all these procedural shows keep coming up with new creepiness?

Speaking of creepiness, how’d you like to have this thing come floating at you in the dark?  Silently of course :)

I’ve also posted a couple more new pieces of fan art including more Gletch!  Have I mentioned recently how awesome you guys are??


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Lech is being a hero? Hmm…he must be doing it for the praise.

  2. anthony

    Dis post iz dedicated 2 my dead guinea pig.

    (Rascal 1/11/06 - 11/2/10) Such a sad day :(

  3. silverfang16

    Ugg, I actually thought it was already done for a second. Lech is…….helping?! Lech is helping and Prozac has given up? The world is upside down all of a sudden!

  4. dittersdorfgnome

    I don’t see it as much as “Lech helping” as “Lech has found an opportunity to kick some ass.”
    Unlike Evil, Lech needs a reason to beat some one up.

    Did Evil draw smelly poo on Vainity’s tummy?

  5. S.P

    I love Lech in this one!

  6. Noka

    …heheheh.. cock monkey..

    …immature snickers aside, I really wanna know the intent of Lech’s heroicness.

  7. midnight

    Noo….. :( and I was looking forward to the eye poppingness of it all.

    Oh what a kidney shot, ouch!

  8. FTS

    Well, evil has got a very big problem for eyeballs. Also, lech defending pingpong? Methinks a friendship/protective relation ship, has developed. Great job Allison.

  9. FTS

    Relationship, sorry im a little space bar happy after black ops thumb workout.

  10. Anirandom

    Oh yeah! uhhh Pirates of the Third Reich right? The one where the dominatrix has sex with the man that killed her daughter XD. loved that ep. great page!

  11. Angela

    Yikes. Never thought I’d ever be so proud of Lech.

  12. FTS

    Hark! Hark! I just read silver’s post and concocted a reason for Lechs sudden involvment. Seeing as Lech sees himself as the “Alpha male” when prozacs not around, and maybe since prozac has (quote) given up, maybe Lech is trying to assert dominance! Any agreements to my wild theory?

  13. poco

    Hah hah! It’s nice to see Evil get hurt. He totally deserves it.

  14. viper

    holy crap! lech is actually defending the little monster from a bigger monster!?

  15. Lody

    whoa I wasn’t expecting lech to stop evil.
    I reckon Prozac would’ve been cooler seeing as he hardly ever uses violence.

    also when is the bear line up gonna include vanity bear?

  16. Heart of Blades

    *mouth drops* W-what is going on? Lech to the rescue? What has the world come to

  17. Shadow

    lech…is being good……….so I take it armagedon bear is next? or maybe pestilance bear war bear and famin bear come over to see death….?

  18. Willow356412

    Haha Poor Evil’s specially made eyeball mantel will have to stay empty for now. I adore his expression and ice cream scoop love in panel 4.
    Personally, I am very much looking forward to Vanity’s reaction when he gets a chance to look in the mirror.

    I expect screaming.

  19. Alix

    I dunno if Lech needs THAT much of a reason not to want Ping Pong, who is an annoying twerp but really just a kid, horrifically disfigured if not painfully killed (from, y’know, blood loss out of the eyes.) besides not being a complete psychopath? Or even a reason to be keeping an eye out besides knowing what Evil is like?

    I mean, I find Evil amusing too, and I was sort of hoping to see Vanity a little traumatized from this so that maybe he’d learn that being an ass has consequences, but when you actually think about what Evil’s trying to do, it’s a pretty big step above anything else we’ve seen in the comic so far in terms of painful horribleness. The closest would be the accidental voodoo-burning of Gay a while back, and that wasn’t permanent.

  20. eako

    @ dittersdorfgnome

    yes i think he did draw a smelly poo on his belly.

  21. kitsunekage

    @ Shadow If you’ve ever played Darksiders, you’d know that Pestilance, War, and Famin would have to come down to earth in orbs of fire, so that would be bad for the zoo…… Death could always take a quick hike out somewheres to meet them, thu……

    @Alix True, but someone should do something to Vanity to tell him that he’s an ass.

  22. XartaX

    Kinda thinking he’s doing it more because the bears would be kinda screwed if that happened :p Maybe put down or something?

  23. prettymountain

    *shudder* eyeless vanity bear creeps me out every time. I think that would give me nightmares if I saw it at the zoo lol or anywhere else for that matter

  24. Snowgods

    I Like how Ping Pong’s Logo is just Pong when his fur is shaved (at least it sure don’t look like a star)

  25. Kylie Ann

    OMG - that’s the funniest thing I’ve read today. I love the last two panels.
    I kinda feel sorry for Vanity Bear, except that we all knew he wouldn’t suffer any permanent damage … I think.
    Allison, you’re amazing.

  26. Sora A.K.

    Cock monkey what does that even mean srsly Lech you’re so weird.

    Grammar is for people who haven’t had headaches all day.

  27. bard

    there is a difference in being evil and being a jerk I mean I dont think anyone wants evil to kill someone. evil is a psycho and even a jerk like lech seeing what evil is doing probably couldnt just stand there and do nothing that would make him feel just as bad as evil is.

  28. Valentine

    cock monkey check it on urban dictionary

  29. JR

    Ummmmmmmmm, i don’t get it….

  30. HybirdZerro

    Nooooooooo! Why Lech! Whhhhhhhhhhy!

    I kinda agree with FTS, Lech is probably doing this partially because he’s trying to assert a sense of dominance. However, Lech was kinda the second bear to try and make amends when Vanity was tossed in with the other bears (after Tanked,) so there might be more to it. For some reason, I’m thinking Lech looks to Vanity as a little brother of some sort, dunno why.

  31. Bosn_C_Otter

    Cock monkey! Hey, thats going to be my new name I will give my Boss. :)

  32. tsophiekins

    I love Lech so SO much!! I don’t think he gets enough love. Or tail.
    Cock Monkey sounds like something I’d say, loving the innovative insults!

  33. Meloa

    well lech bear saving vanity was unexpected, good twist, can`t wait to see more

  34. DoggyGal

    Here is Lech to say the day!:D The only thing missing is his Lecherine claws!
    Anyway,I think that Vanity is gonna be so P’d off when he finds out about who messed up his hairdo!And yay,my fanart is up there!*la!*

  35. Nick

    The panda bear with his tongue lolling out and his eyes missing is so horrific. Well done.

  36. Lyesmith

    Yikes!!! I was totally unprepared for such a gruesome strip! lol Very well done. Caught me totally off guard.

  37. Tigerbitten

    Great…there goes my breakfast (looks sadly at leftover oatmeal)

  38. systemcat

    Ah Lech to the rescue, didn’t see that happening but it’s good he did. ..Did Evil draw a steaming pile of poo on Vanity’s Belly? Thanks for posting up my art and noting where it came from, I normally never think to watermark my stuff :-).

  39. 1up20x6

    Lech actually earned my respect. I did not expect this.

    And poor Vanity. Hopefully his fur grows back soon, or he’s going to be spending a long time inside.

    Also, I don’t recognize who Gimp is. I’ll need to brush up on my superhero knowledge.

  40. apstorm

    Lots of people still calling him Ping Pong… Interesting.

    And Gimp as Magneto? I’m not sure how that name would be gimp-ified, and… uh… Well, he is a villain, or at the very least Professor Xavier’s rival and old friend, and a bit odd a fit personality-wise (mutant rights extremist played by a passive personality, essentially). But powers-wise, I suppose I could see the implications.

    Will be interesting to find out about Lech’s motivations, here.

  41. Baree

    Wait… does this mean Evil intended to display Vanity’s scooped out eyeballs (and part of the sockets from the look of it) on his display shelf?

  42. alicia

    Awww man! I was hopin to see his eyes scooped out! And this is new, Lech to the rescue? I expect Prozac of course, or even Gay to tell on him, but lech? That’s interesting!

  43. Tonka

    I think Lech is just doing what all the Bears do, and that is to not let Evil do anything too horrible that would mess up the living situation and bring the unwanted attention of the keepers. Kind of like when Evil tried to BBQ the kid a few episodes ago. I doubt there is any special protectiveness towards Douche-Bear (I mean Vanity). As for the eyeball scoopage first panels…that’s a little disturbing. The steaming poo drawing in place of the star is a nice touch.

  44. kit

    Letch wants to be the one to kill him!

  45. Solario the Visored

    @Baree: Yes, Evil was talking in an earlier strip about displaying Vanity’s eyes on his mantle. When someone pointed out that Evil did not have a mantle, he responded that he would build one just for his eyeball collection. Evil does know how to follow through on his intentions, you gotta give him that! Incidentally, Crack should be especially nervous, after the “abduction” fiasco…

  46. anthony

    Who do ya think would be da perfect voice voice actor for “Lech Bear”?

    A) H. Jon Benjamin
    B) Patrick Warburton
    C) John DiMaggio

    “I doubt there will ever be an animated version of the comic but I enjoyed your casting ideas anyway.” (10/2/10)

    Oh yeah, dats right. My “True Inner Self” is showing me my reply.

    Hey Alice, I know dat we talked about dis through my emal, but I wanna know what the other BN fans think in their perspective POV.

    (This series deserves more than just a 10 out of 10 XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  47. Vulpixgirl

    O_O Wow. So evil really was serious about the eyeball thing after all…

  48. Kenichi340

    For a second there I thought Evil actually did it until I scrolled down.

  49. Ketira

    I think Vanity will be traumatized enough once Lech explains what Evil was about to do to the poor panda. I also agree with FTS - since Prozac has given up (he’s probably a bit burned out from dealing with Evil), it’s Lech’s turn as leader –if everyone else will agree on this. I’m just wondering what Death makes of the newcomer, as well as what’s been going on. He seems to be the only one to keep Evil in line.

    Oh, and that incentive: It *figures* that Gimp would go with that costume! (A “good” version of that character, methinks…. ;) )

  50. Saiyza

    He destroyed the emblem! It’s supposed to be invincible! Like gum!

  51. Techhead

    Creepily enough, a lot of CSI episodes are based, at least in part, on actual murders. Some details are changed, but they don’t just make everything up.

  52. Evil2.0

    Why is he doing this…who bribed him with porn, really i can find no other reason for him to help

  53. Kikren


  54. Dim

    I had to LOL at the steaming pile of crap picture on the panda’s bear chest

  55. Nicole

    Not in a million years would I have expected Lech to be on watch like that. Lech is the MAN. For today, anyway. ;)

    Whew…the eyes are saved! I knew Evil was gonna be that evil. This is the bear that tried to roast a child rotisserie style!

  56. Skullbank

    Evil’s imagination isn’t limited, he’s just determined to follow through with his vision. Even if it’s a horrific, traumatizing vision. However, I’m a little disappointed he shaved Vanity but didn’t bother to give him a reverse mohawk.

  57. Alix

    Thise kids aren’t in a wavy outline… are they actually watching, or just figments of Evil’s imagination?

  58. iknewthat

    … okay I didn’t really like Lech before but the tackle of awesome has sent me to his team.

  59. iknewthat

    also that kidney shot.

  60. iknewthat

    though I can’t help feeling a BIT sorry for Evil, he was so happy!… for both him and the ice cream scoop…
    his saying “aww, scoop!” with such love was adorable. and disturbing. o_O

  61. Hoheh

    Evil came dangerously close to crossing the moral event horizoon…

  62. kitsunekage

    @ Antony no clue who any of those people are at the moment, but I always imagine Death with either a low, gravelly voice, or….. Ugh! for the Life of me, I can’t remember the actor who played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings!……. But you probibly know what I mean now….. Hope that helps.
    Oh! And I would totally volentere to do the voice of Crack!

  63. Tomfox

    There’s a female somewhere watching. There’s no other reason for Lech to step up and be a hero otherwise. He’s playing hero for something to gain.

  64. balognasheep

    I’m sad that Evil’s work was interrupted :\

  65. Chris

    So, did anyone else notice that Ling Ling’s Star on his belly when shaved off is actually an image of a steaming pile of shit underneath?

    Could this be a glimpse at his true personality?

  66. Chris

    Hah…. Wasn’t even thinking when I was typing and called him “Ling Ling” instead of “Ping Pong”! Oops! Man, it is too early in the morning.

  67. Pikaseel

    Lol…. Cock monkey….

  68. Hex

    DRAT! Foiled again!

  69. Enigma

    Kitsunekage pay up on the bet *grins* and no don’t ask how I got as close as I did.

  70. reccaman

    well nerd bear seems to have been right when he said a few comics ago it could have been worse and it almost was (bear fights round 2 except no faking)

  71. Anime fan

    Did Lech just save the mini-D***weed?

  72. iknewthat

    @ Chris - Evil drew the poo on… besides the “incision” marks for the ice cream scoop. creeeeepyevilDX

  73. Alix

    I bet Lech is going to hold this over Prozac at some point. Because I totally would, in Lech’s position.

  74. kitsunekage

    @ Enigma You win, nothing! You didn’t place ant money on the bet, and nobody else signed up!….. but, to be fair, I’ll give you *Rumages thru pokects* 3 cents, a gumball, a button, some lint, and a bottle cap. Have fun!

  75. kaijufan33

    Falcon punch!

  76. Enigma

    *looks at the pile* well better then nothing. Now to bad Vanity well most likely learn nothing from this still say him getting mange would be good for him.

  77. Insane

    Somewhere someone is attempting to draw a monkey made of penises, and it’s all your fault.

  78. RuntyTiger

    Nice football tackle.

  79. Hoheh

    Female nearby or not, Evil traumatizing kids is bad for the bears. Lech is one.

  80. Pusetull

    I totally just read all of the pages in less then 2 days… I simply LOVE it all! I am now a loyal reader! <3

  81. Hoheh


  82. Anthony

    @kitsunekage: Dat’s so cold, bro.

  83. tsophies

    I just thought of another brilliant insult: Twatbasket.
    although that one’s very British.

  84. Nachtwolf

    Awh, Lech should have waited for the second eye… Vanity with a fake eyeball would have been nice.

  85. dubael

    Cock Monkey! I love it. Permission to utilise please? *Mischievous grin*

  86. Elkian

    That was…unexpected.

  87. Anonymous

    Aww scoop, today is your day o3o

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