Page 150
February 22nd, 2010

Page 150

And Evil’s day is made, at the potential expense of everyone else.  This is Prozac at his most desperate, without Hulking of course.  And before everyone demands it, no there won’t be a Death/Pro-Hulk showdown… at least not this time around :)

Bonus comic: Cave Pat page 8


  1. hanin


  2. Me


    absolutely classic evil pose

  3. hehe

    Evil is most likely gonna take a detour

  4. frogger

    I wonder if Gimp bear is looking jealous or irritated. …Or both? Evil just looked so cute with his wide eyes and green aura.

  5. Cloud Windfoot Omega

    @hehe …… from getting a gun? or after he gets the gun?

  6. Jesse

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to do something that began with the words, “I *know* I’m gonna regret this.” Pobre, Pobre Prozak.

  7. Sora A.K.

    I’m glad Prozac is okay, I was worried about him. How is it that he appears to be less injured than Lech? Is it because Death just finds him less vexing? XD

    Anyways, here’s something that hopefully everyone will enjoy… While I was procrastinating from schoolwork yesterday I randomly made an account on Delicious and started to index all of the Bear Nuts pages. I finished it earlier today; right now they’re really only tagged by character but as soon as I get enough ideas for other tags I’ll go through them again. I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas for tags.

    If you notice any errors feel free to point them out so I can fix them! I hope everyone finds it useful. <3 Now if you’ll excuse me my project is due on Thursday. Uh-oh.

  8. Silverblob5

    No showdown? I’ve been robbed!

  9. Kamino Neko

    ‘Zak, m’boy…if you know you’re going to regret it, you should know better than do it…

  10. Pothos2004

    Oh~ All those poor electronics. I love how you mad there be a outline of Prozac left behind on the wall, and the wide eyed look on tanked bear too! Can’t wait to see what Evil does with the tranq gun though.

  11. Meloa

    Man, Evil looks so happy. in panel 2 is that coffee on the ground? probably not.

  12. duelingdragons92

    evil looks a littil to happy man i dont wont him to have enything with the word gun in it neer me lol.

  13. Lea

    Is Evil kicking Tanked in the bear nuts? o_o ….. Sweeeet! ^_^ (I’m probably alone on this one and it borders on TMI, but I enjoy seeing guys get kicked in the nuts.)
    I’m sure I’ll also enjoy the mischief Death is going to do. Mwahaha~

  14. Glowworm

    Evil’s face when he discovers he gets to get a tranquilizer gun is hillarious!

  15. Stryde


  16. Lorenz

    Great as always,keep it up :D

  17. Nicole

    What happened to poor Tanked? Looks like Prozac weathered that pretty well–probably because of his drug-induced even keel. :)

    And poor Cave Pat! She’s lucky to have such a good friend.

  18. Hex

    Wow the first attack on prozac. Some how i thought that a blast that big by death would be more neuralizing

  19. G-ret

    Man, that cave pat comic is giving me some serious de ja vu, I feel like I’ve read it somewhere, the moment I saw the cavemen, I saw the last few panels of this one coming. I dunno, it just feels so familiar. Probably just me though.

  20. R

    Congrats on your 150th page.

  21. nia_teppelin

    LOL out of all bears, Evil?

  22. XartaX

    QQ, no hulk versus death showdown? :’(

  23. Crotalus

    Evil loks like Christmas was just made a year ’round holiday.

  24. Papercuts

    <3 Tanked.

  25. HyperDarkness

    Pfff, Evil return a tranq gun? Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. There are too many possibilities for fun! And why does it look like he’s kicking Tanked in panel 7?

  26. Lucky

    Evil face was so much… WIN *.*

  27. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Death broke their TV…that’s too cruel.

  28. tigergulp

    I want to know what the green thing that sploded is on the counter. It wasn’t there when the first appliance to go was the microwave. or is that on the other side of the kitchen? In which case, what is it anyway?! XD

  29. Peach

    I do believe he just had an Evilgasm.

  30. DavinciCoder

    Such Joy! Hard to imagine it’s really evil. Evilgasm, LMFAO!

    Too bad that first post is irrelevant. Please add content to the dialog or refrain.

  31. Topazert

    Evil’s face was so happy that I might risk ruffuling his fur despite I might lose a digit.

  32. Suzu

    xD I love that look a glee on Evil’s face in panel 9

  33. Tomas

    when ever eveil smiles like that it makes me itch to see whats going to happen

  34. jec

    oh god, evil is so cute! XD Yay, I love this page~ chaos ensues! I don’t comment much, but thank you for making such an awesome comic! I adore bear nuts. (don’t take that out of context, damnit!)

  35. Seawied

    I love the fact that evil is still tagged

  36. phDexter

    And he will be tagged for a while. Probably. Love the faces.

  37. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Why doesn’t Prozac just ask Evil to put sedatives in Death’s coffee?

  38. pickles

    @tigergulp i think the green thing was a food processor

  39. Likeacupcake

    Just want to say a couple of things:
    1) This webcomic is awesome.
    2) On your polls you have throwing star, the correct name is shurikun (Think I spelt it right)
    3) This webcomic is awesome.
    4) You are awesome, I am yet to meet anyone that does Teakwon do that is not, add to the mix that you do this webcomic.
    5) This webcomic is awesome.

    Thank you and goodnight =P

  40. Diablo

    You should have a hulk prozac and death bear(not caffeinated) showdown , because awesomeness would ensue

  41. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    @Diablo: This is Bear Nuts, not Super Smash Bears

  42. Nicole

    @pickles: Or it could be a potted plant.

  43. StrayXL

    Aww Evil Gets to use a tranq gun just hope he doesnt get the wrong gun <_<

  44. Cokekitty

    Haha the look on Evil’s face in the second to last panel is precious. Love your comic! Keep doin’ what you do, for you do it well. :3

  45. samus x

    AHAHAHAH too awsome xD evil gets asked to be evil for once

  46. admin

    @ Sora: That’s neat, thanks! I hope you still get a great mark on your project though!
    @ G-ret: It was in the Popgun anthology, other than that I imagine there’s been similar cave peoples humor before; I doubt it’s completely untrodden ground.
    @ R: Thanks!! I almost didn’t notice myself.
    @ tigergulp: a no longer potted plant
    @ Peach: LOL!
    @ jec: Thanks! and no worries :)
    @ Likeacupcake: Thank you! I did get confused by point 4 though, and I do jiu-jitsu cause we get to throw people and stomp on their necks.
    @ Cokekitty: Thank you very much :)

  47. Alexander

    I was gonna make a witty quip about Tanked getting kicked in his Bear Nuts, but I’ve already been beaten to it. So… curses.

  48. Kitsunekage

    @frogger I think gimp looks smug for some reason…

    And Prozac just made Evils month.

  49. Ratapoil

    Evil and Tanked in #7 - HILARIOUS!!!

  50. Kitkat

    lol the silhouette of Prozac on the wall XD And Evil with a Trank gun?!

  51. Cam

    I kind of wondered about Death bear’s powers. It seems to be electricity based.

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