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April 6th, 2009

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Awwwww… it’s one of those rare occasions where they all get along :)

And I have a bit of news: BN will shortly be moving to a new URL that will carry a more specific name, I’ll keep you posted on that. Plus, apparently we were finalists on the Web Comic Beacon’s best new comics of 2008 short list, but we didn’t win :( Evil is unhappy. If you’re looking for some new webcomics to read you should check it out!

Today’s vote incentive: I’ve been working on wallpapers for individual characters using our donation gift coloring book images, like this one of Evil


  1. choupower

    ugh. boy-bears.

  2. Rangerdude1987

    such a common comment on the last frame. lol priceless.

  3. JakJak

    Lo at nerd and tanked =D

  4. JakJak

    lol* >.>

  5. Tinna

    *snuggles gay bear* I don’t care if you’re confused, you can be my Teddy any day. Same with Prozac, I used to have a parrot just like him that terrorized the dog but loved me like a baby bird loves it’s mom.

  6. Tatsu

    … i was just itching that when i came to the site to read this strip. lol

  7. Kim

    LOL at Gimps face when listening to the comment on the third to last panel. He looks so… lol i don’t even know. concerned? disapproving? disbelieving? haha. I love it.

  8. Kylie Ann

    Somehow I get the feeling Evil just doesn’t care all that much.

    Love blushing Nerd, and Cracked and Tanked are soooo cute.

    Alos love how Gay even gets “entranced” by it too. Such a wonderful comic.

  9. Urthdigger

    I love Nerd’s facial expression in both panels :)

  10. NiaTeppelin

    OMG, Crack’s (10th panel) and Nerd’s expressions totally got me XD

    This looks very promising so far! :D

  11. Fr3aKaZ0!D

    Man someone is in heat on 5th panel and look at crack on 10th panel

  12. Chromeheart

    And this is also one of the rare occasions that Crack is actually enjoying himself (Panel 10).

  13. Glowworm

    At the 8th panel,Gay has such an adorable expression! So hillarious! “Porn’s on!” XD!

  14. Glowworm

    Also-looks like Lech is doing exactly what the title of this comic says-Bear Nuts-XD

  15. taytaylalala

    i would scratch if i had an itch too. >.>
    lol. :3

  16. Diana

    I somehow wonder if Tanked has any idea what’s happening X3

  17. BN Fan

    LOL. Again. Blushing Nerd and (omg) smiling Crack just… made my day. And I think Lech’s cone from Friday’s vote incentive makes sense now =) I lol’d at Gay too… heh heh

    Also, you’ve mentioned you have cats at home… got me wondering if Dooomcat was modeled after any of them? =) I can imagine his (Dooomcat’s) various poses and expressions were inspired from them, atleast.

  18. Dragon-Aul

    First thing you just say “I’m ichy” and then, next thing you know it, you’re covered in spots and in pain!

    I love all of their expressions. Totally made my day!

  19. maskee

    where’s prozac and death? they no likey ze porn?

  20. Typh

    Death bite me afraid of sex with the whole death touch an all:P…great stuff

  21. Tonka

    Great as usual. The level of detail is outstanding. Best thing about the comments is the direct me to things I overlook like Nerd’s blushing. Lech’s comment does make me wonder if any of them have ever “had the opportunity”.

  22. £Ø§Ð

    Damn. You Have all Their Personalities Down Pact. And a Mind Like That Deserves a Gold Star In my Book. Awesome Work.

  23. james Booooooosh!!!!!!!

    At the end it looks like only two of the bears are still watching it.

  24. Rasputin42x69

    Wow, so watching porn can relieve withdrawal symptoms, at least in Crack’s case. ;)

    And the look on Nerdy’s face in panel 5 is priceless. :D

  25. TheEvilBunnyofDOOM

    The Phrase of the Week is “PORN’S ON” ^_^ Nuff said LOL!!

  26. Evil2.0

    Didn’t know Lech was a tv hog on a regular basis, thought that was only about fighting marathons. Gimps so cute, he seems so normal sitting there, adn that’s saying a lot.
    Love how Gay was all about whats right and then got destracted by tv. Tv……(zombie sounds)
    Evil looks bored with whats on tv adn disbelieving with Lech’s story.
    I have a bad feeling that that itch Lech has will cause him trouble down the road.. heheheheh ( evil moment)

  27. FE

    Hmmmm…… they really need a girl bear around to get them in line, those boys are out of control lol
    she’d have to be pretty tough to deal with them though, in my mind she’d be tiny and adorable, but also violent and vicious and she’d rule over them all like a tyrant ;P lol
    I love all their expressions in this one, soo funny!

  28. DominicanKing614


  29. DominicanKing614

    im also surprised that Nerd Bear didnt have a nosebleed like most teenage boys in japanese animes do …. lmao

  30. Anna

    Crack, Tanked, and Nerd are hilarious in the 10th panel.

  31. Tinna

    I feel sorry for the girl bear that DID get it on with Letch. He’s the kind of guy that every woman hates yet at some point or another some preppy princess or practice girl wakes up next to and he goes, “You’re still here?”

    Ugh, thank god I only dated nerds.

  32. Orion

    Now I know what they’re all watching in the television in the top banner ^

  33. Dorks of hazzard

    I don’t get this! Every comic you make never feels finished. Ok tank was imagining then what? That’s not healthy are they going to find out whats wrong are they going to help him. every comic that has been made just dose not feel complete you just move on to the next one. OH WELL

  34. Red Reptile

    Evil’s face in the tenth panel is most excellent! ^_^

  35. Hendrick

    Lech has crabs! itch itch itch!

  36. gez

    i think ’somebody’ may have an STD… heheh

  37. atomic_chew

    lech is being very… Lech-ish. if he doesn’t stop scratching that itch, he might get an infection (one even worse than the one that may already be down there, heheh)… Anti-itch cream may do the trick :]

  38. Jeremy Kuehnau

    Yuck, bear circle jerk. I could never watch porn with a single other person in the room. It just seems so weird.

  39. BloodyTrollop

    I love how prozac is the only one not watching… and i’m going with the ‘lech has an STD” theory

  40. BloodyTrollop

    oh wait and death

  41. foenicks

    nerd’s face in the 10th panel = win

  42. Hypnotic

    Female bear eh? PMS bear gogo.

  43. Murk

    That’s why he was all like “holy crap that’s scary” at Lech.

  44. Cho-Ran

    the only problem I see with the STD theory is… that there are no female bears for Lech to have contracted it from… unless it’s somehow is genetically passed… and just now appearing…

    anyway, great comic series! I have read the whole series and enjoyed almost everything, the best being Nerd beating up Evil. sheer awesomeness! it filled me with… unusually high amounts of glee to see that. (but I was picked on for being a nerd when I was younger, so I guess that may be the reason…)
    the only thing I dislike even a little is what happened to poor Sloth bear… I do hope he fared better than it looks like he did. >,>

    anyway, looking forward to the next installment. good job on your amazing art! have a nice day! ^^

  45. Skittles

    haha look at Crack’s face in the 10th panel!!!!

  46. S.P

    I think Lech had it coming.

  47. Cyxrus

    I adore Gimp’s expression in the 5th panel :)

  48. Anaiyah

    Gay bear knows he wants to watch :P

  49. Skykitsune

    Bwahaha! “Porn’s on!” Priceless…

  50. Kitsunekage

    Ya know, I’ve always wondered what pets and other animals think when they see documentries of their species…. now I know.
    and I did not need the visuals this provided, for I have a very horny cat at home….

  51. HaloMythbuster

    Panel 10: Crack seems to have gotten over his…”crackiness”?…in panel 5

  52. J.C.

    I find it hilarious how Evil looks bored in the 5th and 10th panels.
    And the other bears expressions (particularly Nerd and Crack) just seem very wrong. o_o

  53. Gamingmasterplan-tation

    “The male will dig his claws into the female too prevent her from escaping…”
    And than Lech actually DOES get a chance for that pussy, and the roles are reversed.

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  55. Horrid henry

    Gay bears watching straight porn. maybe he’s not gay and just flamboyant.

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