Page 59
March 16th, 2009

Page 59

You guys really seem to like the violence :)
If it really was hand to hand Nerd didn’t have a chance… I had to shore up Evil’s rep of course.

Someday I may do an FAQ of some kind as I’m getting some repeat questions: primarily what’s with the hot dog? It’s because Nerd is a WIENER. He’s a pushover and he always backs down. Sure a Star Trek symbol would have been great, but that’s a copyright issue I wouldn’t want to broach. I had no desire to draw a little calculator or a D20 over and over (I’d go nuts) and I really loved the hot dog. It has nothing to do with junk food either. Whereas Tanked is a great target because he’s just oblivious (and generally won’t tell) Nerd is a target because he generally just takes it and comes back for more… of course everyone has a breaking point.

Shin-Goji and Kookaburra: thank you for the Gay/Evil and the poetry respectively; hi-larious as usual!

Today’s vote incentive is another gift sketch for another BN supporter - thanks again! :D


  1. JakJak

    Holy crap nerd went insane!

  2. wutdisdo

    awww, looks like Evil is sad in that last panel :’[

  3. dkewee

    Wow..I never thought I’d see the day when I felt bad for evil. But man, nerd beat the living crap out of him and then some.

  4. Benben

    wow nerd went apeshit, shakazulu on evil! He got a taste of his own medicine. I’m surprised he is conscious.

  5. Maskee

    was…was that a hint of sadness in that last panel I see? Perhaps Evil is just dying for attention and wishes people liked him, but because they don’t-he acts out? Perhaps he’s just a gentle soul, sad and alone…

    though I highly doubt it.

    LOVE nerds freak out. “I hate you! HAAAAATTTTTEEEEEEE’ lol

    Sounds like me when I was a kid

  6. Brachyteles

    Does anyone else have star trek fight music running in their heads?

  7. Kaloyan

    Wow. After an ass-beating like that, if I was in Evils’ shoes I’d be scared about Nerd setting me on fire in the middle of the night or doing something else.

    Wow, I haven’t seen such an epic pwning like that in a long time!
    Gimp might want to hide some of his stuff, I’m positive he has some chains, whips, cuffs, and probabbly many instruments of torture in his room. Evil should watch his back from now on and the others need to keep Nerd on a short leash for a while. He’ll be back to his push over self once he calms down some.

    Hey Prozac! Nerd needs some of your ‘Happy Pills’, be a bro and help him out. Y’know, before violently castrates Evil or violates Evil with the remains of his model.

  8. ASRodrig

    Aw, I feel bad for Evil. He looks so sad in the last panel. Poor li’l guy…

  9. cheezedog

    That has to be the first time I said to myself.. “That is so adorable how Nerd is gleefully kicking Evil in the balls. Awww…”

  10. Rex

    Hehe. So much for Nerd being a weiner!

  11. Randy B

    Star Trek Fight Music!
    (it just keeps going and going…)

    Evil doesn’t want to be hated for being a “selfish jerk”. He’d rather be hated or respected for being superior. He’s trying to show off with his pranks and obnoxiousness.

  12. Kylie Ann

    Awww, poor Evil - he looks so sad in panels 9 and 11 as Nerd is shouting out his hatred for him.

    I don’t think Evil ever really wants to hurt the others like that, it’s just second nature for him to be nasty. I think he may actually have been hurt to hear Nerd say he hates him.

    I’m not saying that Evil didn’t deserve a little bit of it for the whole breaking Nerds model thing (and all the other things he’s done) but that was pretty harsh.

  13. Ausjin

    I always had Nerd pegged as more rational than that… Oh well. Excessive violence is just as entertaining.

  14. KET

    Is Evil actually feeling something other than….well….evil?

    And I love the look on Nerd’s face as he holds the rock. Slightly crazy, but funny!!

  15. SIX

    That Star Trek fight music is rather menacing… kind of like this angry demented Nerd Bear…

    Hell hath no fury…

  16. deathBlackWings

    love the 5th panel……their expressions are priceless xD

  17. kitmit13

    ;_; aw poor lil evil, what would be funny to see it was never evil who did it and nerd beat him up for nothing. I bet nerd would get told off then XD

  18. Rasputin42x69

    That’s the thing about nerd rage (the real thing, not what passes for it on the internet these days)… Once it’s unleashed, it’s hard to reign in. I expected Nerdy to go a bit too far with this.

    As much as I have a soft spot for Evil, though, he still had it coming. :S

  19. Joe BeerBaron

    Went from being angry to going completely librarian poo.

  20. paula

    somehow i feel that things arent gonna stay like this… will evil strike back? cant wait to see

  21. Wolfen

    …aaannnnddd the down side of using the ‘Wooden Stick of Holy Retribution’, it has a downside of a 5% chance of the wielder going into a blind battle rage. Which that obviously happened here.

    Hey Dooom, I would like to see that wooden stick gilded and put on Nerds wall, as the day he stomped Evil. lol that would be great.

  22. Wolfen

    … Or not, Nerd is too nice for doing that. I would like to see Evil try to put it back together, as a nice gesture maybe.

  23. taytaylalala

    awww poor evil, i kinda feel sorry for him.
    i hope he doesn’t go all emo.

  24. admin

    Ha! Star Trek fight music is perfect!! You guys are awesome. I’ll have to add that link up top somewhere: “To be read while this link plays”.

  25. Crotalus

    I second the motion to have the Wooden Stick of Holy Retribution bronzed & mounted where Nerd’s model used to be.

  26. Benben

    Evils theme song: Voltaire-When your evil. Last panel reminds me of the last verse in the song.
    It gets so lonely being evil
    What I’d do to see a smile
    Even for a little while
    And no one loves you when you’re evil
    I’m lying through my teeth!
    Your tears are all the company I need

  27. Stormwolf

    OMG! I did have the fight music in my head hahahah!

  28. NiaTeppelin

    Finally! THAT’S the rage I’ve been waiting for!! The true anger of a nerd, nothing can compete with it - at least in an unfair fight, that is.

    “HAAATE” just made my day.

    But ugh, Evil’s revenge might be even worse … talk about a vicious circle.

  29. Foxngreen

    Poor Evil….Guess he never wanted any one to HATE him that or getting his ass kicked wasn’t part of his grand scheme.

  30. Kat

    Never EVER screw with Nerds! (Geeks/Dorks) the type. We shall take over the world!!!!


  31. Kaos

    NERD SMASH! wow. he sure has a cruel expression on his face.

    poor evil i feel so sorry for him and he looks like he doesn’t understand why Nerd hates him so much.

  32. Allan

    Round 2 - Nerd vs Lech

    Lech comes out swinging and catches Nerd in the nose, Nerd pulls out a tube of model glue, and sprays Lech in the face with it. Nerd throws a handful of leaves at lech and while attempting to uncover his face Nerd lets him have it with a one two punch combo.

    Nerd puts a foot on Lech’s limp body and yells “Who’s Captain of the Enterprise NOW!?!”

  33. Glowworm

    I’m a tad bit confused by the last panel-is that a limb of Evil’s that Prozac is taking from Gimp?

  34. raven

    awwwww poor evil :( i feel bad he can’t help his nature… can he? Well that last panel he looks really sad :( i give him a big hug *hhhhhuuuggggggsssss* lol :P

  35. qtsushigirl

    *cheers for Nerd* YESSSS!! Show him what nerds are made of! NERD RAGE!!

  36. AngeryFox

    First off, Evil Deserved it. I can relate to Nerd Bear, being the guy picked on at school.
    Sooner or later, he was going to go berserk, best to do so on who deserved it. If I were him, I’d take out that panty wearing idjit next.

    Just saying’ :V.

  37. Eyes

    It is gonna be awesome when Nerd finds out it wasn’t Evil! He was surpised when Nerd said about the model because he didn’t know. I think Gay bear set hm up for a whoopin’ and thats what he got.
    Dear lord couldn’t he find anything else to hit him with?

  38. Jeremy Kuehnau

    Also, Nerd looks weird with his teeth in this page. I flipped through a bunch of pages really quick to check and I don’t even recall seeing Nerd’s teeth. Is that a gap in his teeth you did on purpose or just your drawing?

  39. Hendrick

    The big big flashing smile on Nerd’s face as he mauls Evil in anger… it’s amazing, it’s almost psychotic…

    As much as I am annoyed by Evil Bear, his sad expression on panels 9/11… awwwww… :P

  40. Doggycat17

    dude i just love the part where he yells “HHHHHAAAaaaT” ^>^

  41. Furisca D' Fynn

    OMG!!!! i feel bad for Evil!!!! >.< lol but at least he got his own back…

    I LOVE THEIR MEDIC-BEAR!!! hes awsome…and tht bear tht can do death with one touch…hes awosme too!

  42. Xel Unknown

    Last fridays page was lovely and enjoyable for many people myself incuded… But this page… Just… Wow… *Blink Blink* I say he does have a rightiuos reson to attact Evil, but this is way to far… But then again it truely shows how far the bear was pushed and then he pushed just as hard back! Evil even seems to be thinking to himself about how he did bring Nerd Bear of all people to do this to himself. I feel both character’s will be getting a huge change from this action.

  43. RagingDragon

    Holy f***! O.O; I never thought I’d say this, but I think Nerd went too far. That little wiener needs to be medicated for a while, methinks. ._.;

  44. Roe

    (That should be on a shirt)

  45. ThaPrez

    Epic…Simply Epic…They say that Violence doesn’t solve anything…but it sure helped Nerd to get it out of his system…or did it? LOL!!

  46. ThaPrez

    BTW: Star Treck Music…a must to see this comic…I was laughing all the time ^_^

  47. GiganticFangirl

    Is it just me, or is Nerd acting almost exactly like Evil? While reading this one, I actually thought it was EVIL beating up NERD! I really think they’re going to practically switch roles now…

  48. Ghostduckie

    @Glowworm That’s a First Aid kit. See the Red Cross?

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning, just never posted till now. I have to say, excellent artwork! I love the mishaps these bears seem to get into. Are you going to be making this into books, posters, etc..?

    As for this strip, the 6th panel, I think is my favorite. Their expressions = “Shit just got real!”.

  49. Nastee

    What the hell… Kaloyan, are you Bulgarian? Hi there buddy!

  50. Minifig

    Kinda surprised Nerd didn’t bring a Bat-leth to the fight. :o

  51. £Ø§Ð

    …Ha ha, Revenge on The Nerd(s). Nerd Should Join Fight Club. His Twisted Smile would Fit Right In. ;)

  52. Tremaine

    Oh… oh god. Just… damn.

  53. Sleeping Whisper

    *gaspeth* Wow, Nerd… got piiiiisssed…. Evil looks sad, though…

  54. jakethelastninja


  55. thegrinchlover

    This kinda makes me think Evil didn’t really do it. But I dunno…well, he set himself up for that by establishing the fact that he’s…evil.

  56. sasukewuff

    The look od unadulterated joy when Nerd picked up a rock bigger than his head and smashed it onto Evil… Words escape me as to how epic that is.

  57. kaijufan45

    He deserved everything he got. I speak for all the nerds out there.

  58. Lupa

    Awwwh! Poor evil! He’s gone and got himself a nasty concussion. And he looks soooo sad!!! BUT—
    Never mess with the nerd’s passion; he will eat you.

  59. Tonka

    It’s always the nice quite ones. You know, never cause any trouble, stay indoors, the next thing you know you find out they have a bunch of dead bodies buried in the crawl space. Still, I have to love Nerd finally doing what he had to do. I’ve seen the quiet ones get sick of being pushed around and yes, they do go ape.

  60. windscythe

    Head injury! Evil’s gonna go bonkers!

    HAAATE! (lol!) That’s evil, Nerd. Real evil.

  61. Dragon-Aul

    Aww! Look at Evil Bear! I think he’s thinking about what he did, but then again I am sure that he’ll just do something to make Nerd Bear angrier.

  62. TYRONE


  63. Kristen

    Nerd’s gleeful expression is somewhat disturbing. I LOVE IT!!!

  64. Tsubani

    wow…. this fight was amazing! Nerd went…. wow

  65. Anise

    Don’t you just love the DDs? I know I do, because it’s how I found this comic!

    Who knew deviant art could be so helpful?

  66. Junker

    Is Nerd Bear gonna havta joke a bitch? Apparently so!

  67. Joe

    Overly talented x

  68. Renz

    this is one of my fave comics so far….
    nerd! i guess evil didn’t deserve it, but he DID do a really bad thing
    i know i would

  69. Firethief

    I just want you to know that this is one of the best things of m day. Every Friday and Monday I wake up with a smile because I know there will be an update for this comic. So thank you so much for bringing this into my life!

  70. moopIe


  71. Stormwolf


  72. Maxatack42

    lol they should make a new bear come into thw searies called….fisty! XD cause thers everytype of bear i could think of but 1…..cause i mean none of the bares have huge mucles i mean it would be a guy that you mess whit you die XD cause i know neard went balistick bit think how awsum it would be to soo a riped bear fighting a puny 1 XD it would be epic!

  73. Maxatack42

    or named strong bear

  74. Maxatack42


  75. Maxatack42

    does anyone agre?

  76. TigerGulp

    See this is why you shouldn’t pick on nerds. We are rivers that run deep and silent til we come to a cliff, then we are a raging waterfall that will drop the jerks onto the sharp and deadly debris below. WE NERDS RULE YOU ALL!

    Oh and this strip is indeed epic. :D 10/10

  77. Gothpy

    Go Nerd Go!!!! Lol

  78. suz

    ooooh,I absolutly adore the sparkle of insanity in nerd’s eyes :D

    evil deserved it !


  79. Kamino Neko

    Yeah, I think we can be pretty sure, at this point, that Evil didn’t do it.

    Obviously, it wasn’t Prozac, Death, or Gimp. They’re too good to do it deliberately, or accidentally do it, and lie to Nerd over it. Probably not Crack, though I can see him doing it accidentally, he’d probably have spilt it in an inexplicable panic. Gay’s a possibility, but I don’t think he’s quite that devious.

    That leaves Lech and Tanked. I’m betting Tanked - he could EASILY have done it by accident, then forgotten it.

  80. Glowworm

    oh-duh-that’s a first aid kit! THanks Ghostduckie.

  81. Skittles

    I freakin’ love this comic. Love is a strong word, by the way. IT IS A STRONG WORD.

  82. swolfy

    This comic is amazing. I just read all of them- So glad you got a DD, I’ll definitely follow this from now on!

  83. fesworks

    I have a feeling that I know what may happen in the next few strips.. or what may be revealed… if it’s what I’m thinking… then I believe Evil STILL deserved it… What goes around, comes around you know. Karma and all that.

  84. Sulta

    Wow, 82 comics and only now I realize I haven’t commented…

    GO NERD! Show him who’s boss.

  85. Sulta

    And of course I did mean 82 COMMENTS.

  86. Me

    …he used a giant stone. That wasn’t right at all. Nerd outta get the crap kicked out of him for that.

  87. Ghostduckie

    A new bear, hmm. Why not Ninja Bear?

  88. Thewon

    Evil Mind: Wait…if he was able to beat me…does that make him more evil than me? So if is evil than am I nerd? No that can be true…..hrm thinking about rolling up a Dragonborn paladin…AHHHHHHHH

  89. Garrett Williams

    “Sure a Star Trek symbol would have been great, but that’s a copyright issue I wouldn’t want to broach.”
    …yet you name a character “PROZAC”?

  90. james Booooooosh!!!!!!!

    Ive been reading this comic ever since i found a link on twokinds i think and i have to say i love the comic jsut got done reading the whole thing for like the third time but you really should look into making some tshirts and posters and stuff i would so buy a tshirt with death or evil on it saying something creepy.

  91. biznitch

    the blood looks a little like ketchup to me, it’s a little too light.

  92. Renz

    my heart really goes out to nerd for this one
    we all know how it feels to get pushed around :)
    evil, though didnt deserve the boulder and kick, did do a bad thing, and conpensated for that sudden burst of jerk-ness
    though he looked quite pensive in the last panels :D

  93. Para-Drama

    Love the boulder and the joyful expression on nerd’s face is just heartwarming lol.

  94. BobbyBG33k

    Why do I feel like there’s more to this then we think? I feel like evil was telling the truth when he said he didn’t destroy it. I very well am most likely wrong…but I just feel like that’s the twist that may come up. I love this comic and I’m definitely going to continue reading it.

    Also, I hate to join in with the dozen’s of other people…but yeah…Evil looks pretty sad in the last panel. Looks pitiful even…it makes you feel bad for him. If that was your intent…good freaking job.

  95. Sabby

    Absolutely LOVE the last panel with Evil’s face, and the third to last as well. It is perfect, that mix of sadness and humiliation… maybe even a little guilt. No one wants to be hated.

  96. Maskee

    Oh! and I’m personally very proud of Crack Bear for helping get Nerd away from Evil. Very Brave of him

  97. ryjia

    I don’t comment often, but I have a question.
    Seeing as it said that gay bear was “somewhat in the closet” in the character descriptions, wouldn’t it be mean/odd of the other to be calling him gay bear?

  98. Anathae

    Nor a reason unknown I hear a songs refrain in my head. It goes along the line: Freak out! Uuu…. freak out!
    Still I just kinda luv this poor masacred Evil - his soooo cute beaten up! XP

  99. Xel Unknown

    @Ryjia: Gay as in the meaning happy… Not the meaning your thinking of.

  100. £Ø§Ð

    What’s a poor Crack Bear to do in This sort of Situation… And, W00T, 100 Coments, Way To Go!

  101. t//B

    Aww.. and here I was thinking we’d see some brains.

  102. nerdfan

    lol i would totally do that except exchange the rock for a paintball gun

  103. FE

    Nerd looked psycho in the 1st 2 panels…. well actually in the whole thing…
    Evil looks so sad i feel sorry for him poor bear I wish i had him as a plushie or something so i could hug him continuesly
    When i saw the THUD and the blood and Prozac’s and Crack’s faces all i could think was OMFG!! and LOL!!
    poor evil i dont think he thought any of the bears would ever actually HAAATE him

  104. Evil2.0

    Eeeh, * shriller whistle*, Red card, you’re out of the game for hitting a bear while he’s down twice!!

    I feel so bad for Evil, he looks so sad in the last few panels

  105. Evil2.0

    Ok I have to recoment on this, I just notice that someone has sent you Gay/Evil and peotry, we can do that and if so, can we view what others have sent you or no?

  106. AstroDude

    wow that hurt me o.O

  107. PVT. Shadow

    Never underestimate the Rage of a Nerd in Mourning

  108. the ponage

    one word BAMFPH. evil just got BAMFPHED. nerd went oni mode adn took evil to the bottom most level of hell>

  109. Kenichi340


    Maybe from now on Evil will take his pranks down a notch to avoid having another concussion and lacerations XD

  110. J.A.C.!

    Go Nerd… o-o…

    I couldn’t help thinking of the color-version of ‘Lord of the Flies’ when I looked at the panel where Nerd was holding up the rock ever-so-gleefully.

  111. Smoketrix

    I like how Prozac was kewl with it till the rock came out. Then they had to rescue evil. Nerd had a gap in his teeth lol. He went BERZERK and whooped Evils ass!!! If I was Evil id heal up and go beat the stuffing out of that lil carebear. I actually feel bad for Nerd in the last panel and 9


    Evil deserved it but he looks so sad :(

  113. S.P

    Lawl, Crack and Gimp had to hold him back.

  114. Bastion

    You know, with Gimp’s ‘extracurricular’ activities, you’d think he would have an easier time restraining Nerd …

  115. Chiara-Wolf

    Panel 4 OMFG Nerds face!!! MAYJOR LOLZ at that :D

  116. Anaiyah

    awww poor evil…

  117. Some person from Toronto

    The violence is soo funny! XD

  118. EvilRabbit

    ohh, Evil looks sad in last panel. Maybe he secretly loves/likes nerd but doesn’t want to admit it so he’s EVIL?!?! DUN DUN DUN!!!

  119. yiiioooiiii

    i think evil needs a hug…… and some advil….. and a cast……and an aspirin

  120. Solario the Visored

    I’m hearing a very Anakin-like “I HATE YOU!!” from him in that one panel!

  121. Johnny Mayhem

    That copious (by this comic’s standard) amount of blood probably added to my laughter when I first read this. The attention to detail is great as always, what with Evil’s right horn being snapped/shortened.

  122. Ratapoil

    So awesome to see that asshole bully get his ass kicked!

  123. Sterling Rodd

    No one will ever read this because it’s waaaaaaay late, but I don’t care. I’m gonna babble anyway. :) There’s a lot I love about this particular page.

    Nerd in panel four is disturbing. He looks like he’s crossed over. And I’m wondering how he can lift a rock that big and heavy… then I remember, despite the civility and easy-going natures of these guys most of the time, they ARE bears, after all.

    I’m surprised and impressed that Crack would put himself on the line like that helping Gimpy holding Nerd back and hauling him back into the cave. I wouldn’t have given him credit for either the courage or the compassion. Sides of him I wouldn’t mind seeing more of someday. There’s such a vibe in general that most of these guys don’t give a damn about one another and barely tolerate each other, and in fact are frequently quite willing to brutalize each other, that any little indication they really do care is heartwarming.

    I wonder about Evil’s reaction in the final panels. His expression seems to connote more than self-sympathy. It looks like regret. Did Nerd’s reaction drive home how much hurt he’d caused? Could it actually matter to Evil? Maybe I’m too sentimental, but I’d like to think that whatever demons drive Evil, ultimately these other guys do matter to him and he has his limits. I really wonder about that. I think of all the questions these characters evoke in me, that’s the biggest one. The fact that he’s demonstrably homicidal in other circumstances makes me uneasy when I consider it, though.

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