Hello and welcome to ‘Bear Nuts’, the irreverent spawn of the odd little back corner of my mind.   BN is the result of staying up late working for other people while strange ideas germinate about what I’d rather be doing… in color too!

The page above is the current update, click ‘first’ to go to the beginning.

Updating on Mondays, schedule permitting, I hope you find ‘Bear Nuts’ to be as enjoyable and vapid a time waster as I do.

Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P



  1. Duke of URL

    This is great. Excellent artwork, interesting situations, amusing characters … and you don’t even misspell everything! Are you sure you’re a webtoonist?

  2. Keejchen

    Why not update a little more often?

  3. KAZE.first

    I have a bad feeling that something so totally awful is going to happen to Prozac… oh, lordy!

    Keep up the great work! :)

  4. admin

    Duke - fingers crossed I continue misspellings free! I’m not always this successful at it :)

    Keejchen - I’m thinking of adding Friday updates… as I do really love working on this, but these pages are hugely time-consuming

    KAZE - I can pretty much assure you that none of these guys are in danger of being killed off… horribly mutated or hideously disfigured maybe…. but not killed off :D

  5. Verve

    I love it so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Keejchen

    Thumps up from here.

    The comic reminds me a little of Happy Tree Friends, and i always loved those :)

  7. King Todo

    The art is fabulous.

  8. Mark Ricketts

    More, please.

  9. Jayson

    Excellent! You’ve got to give a shout out to the guys over at Butternut Squash that’s where I found BN from. I’m eagerly awaiting the next update.


  10. Jen Mathis

    I’m here from BNS too- I’m glad they linked you!!

    Heh, poor Prozac bear looks like I do sans meds

  11. TehBob

    This is awesome. I think its something along the lines of a cross of Care Bears and a Pixar Film set in the zoo made adult and 100% more funny.

    Amazing artwork and story writing. Each page keeps me laughing and the expressions are hilarous on Drunk Bear. I do love Drunk Bear. He’s great.

  12. Ben ben

    I found out about Bear Nuts through Girls with Slingshots.

  13. ASRodrig

    Haha, I love Lech’s logic. ‘XL, I guess….’
    But why does he need them in the first place? I haven’t seen a single girl bear yet.

  14. B-ROM

    “Don’t buy this gum, it tastes like rubber.”
    - Graffiti on condom dispenser

  15. Leona

    Just finished reading through, this webcomic amused me quite highly! *Grins* I shall definitely be keeping watch, just a few comics but I love the charries here and kinda want to know what happens next :3

  16. SEA

    Excellent comic, glad i found it on my occasional explosm forum visit.

    *adds to list*

  17. Tonka

    Many web comics have lousy art and a lousy story, great art and a lousy story, or lousy art and a great story. Very rarely does a comic like this come along that has both high quality art and a decent story. I greatly enjoy your work.

  18. Megaket Genevus

    Hmmmm… Evil’s horns are missing in the third last picture…

  19. Mickel

    Leave him alone, it was a gift from the Devil

  20. Esp1

    Heh.. Beware, the fanny pack of evil… :3

  21. AMGNAMEnosrsly

    This comic is so hella balls awesome :D

    Saw the link on Cru the Dwarf, and I am not dissapointed :D :D Had me laughing my ass off for a good hour ^_^

    TANKED!! Wooo!!!

  22. 11_11

    so funny! cant wait for the next panel!!!

  23. Sabby

    Actually, any mammal with ovaries and eggs will go through a menopause of sorts as the eggs are all used up, but most do not experience hot flashes (humans not included).

    Awesome comic. I look forward to Mon. and Fri. every week. :)

  24. Sabby

    On that, some animals die before their eggs get used up, so they never experience menopause - example, Lions. An animal that has menopause is field mice.

  25. Seith

    I share this comic with friends of mine…and it helps pass the time at work! Man they are great!

  26. Xel Unknown

    I fond this Comic from a lovely link’s page in this forum I love to hang out at.

  27. tony

    I guess it’s Vista.

  28. tony

    Disregard above post…wrong area

  29. RK

    I recently found this comic and noticed this post refering to the twice weekly updates. I really like this comic… but this two bear nuts a week thing has had this rattling around in my head the last few days.

    doomcat.com! Two bear nuts to the face occularly every week!

    Why did I have to think of THAT?! WHY OH WHY! My mind is in the gutter every step of the way. On Friday I helped my girlfriend move appartments and noting that yelling things out the window caused an echo, I was very very tempted to shout that out the window. Why did you set this up so easily?

  30. Z

    is frus

    tration anything like antici


  31. NYC Mama

    Do You guys have a fanpage or a facebook group?

  32. admin

    @ RK - sorry! I just wanted a memorable name :)
    @ NYC Mama - no, we don’t have any kind of fan page (it’s enough work for me to figure out how to put this up)

  33. Ian

    Great stuff and I look forward to following along with life in the ZOO.

  34. Sulta

    Hah, good to know I’m not the only one completely incapable of figuring this web-site thing out. :P

  35. Kim

    Nerds face in that one panel where he’s on the floor looking is just sooooooooo cute

    Poor Nerd. I wanna hug him.

  36. herelt

    I love Bear Nuts. My husband is addicted to online comics… and he sent me the link … I LOVE Bear Nuts!!!! You keep going and we’ll keep reading!!!

  37. Kuehnau

    Oh sweet Jesus eating a cracker, that is awesome. Evil got what was coming to him, never come between a geek and his toys!

  38. Sebine



  39. Jeremy Kuehnau

    Thats what evil gets, that guy is a dick.

  40. Hagadorn

    The loom on Nerds face in teh first two panels is juts golden.

    Evil got what he deserved, Hope he doesn’t recover or get revenge on nerd.

    Evil is my least favourite character.

  41. W.E.R.

    But did he actually destroy it? Nerds blaming it on him but is he the real culprit?

  42. Red Sparrow

    duuuuuude. are you okay? was the blood, the voilence? Is this a nightmare for tanked? or is this BEFORE the zoo?

  43. wantfastcars

    Lol saw this through Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun. Holy Crap.

    This is one of my fave webcomics. I like evil… But my personality is more that of Crack. I am not a drugee, though. My mom would hunt me down and kill me if I ever did drugs.

  44. Gothpy

    Keep up the good work, Evil is so funny. I hope to have my own comic up soon:)

  45. taytaylalala

    “I don’t understand the question.”
    x) Loove it. I’m going to go through deprivation without more updates though. Dx

  46. tehchavsnickedmename :C

    when will new charries be introduced? I’ve been watching this for a while and I realy realy like it ;D

  47. Bob Dole

    Lol, he has herpes. :D

  48. taytaylalala

    xD silly perverted bear needs to wash.
    more pleeeease, and friday updates sound fantastic!

  49. Anonymoose

    He whizzed on the electric fence~

  50. BlueMaik

    Rofl, I know i’m not the first to say this but….. man the look on evil’s face in the last panel is absolutely priceless!

  51. Ian

    Evil’s proud face is simply the best!

    Who would know that he was not alone in his evilness

  52. Karen

    Really, now, where has THIS webcomic been all of my web-surfing life? <3 I have a deep love reserved for Bear Nuts in my heart. :) Somewhere in there, at least. xP The artistry is so cute and the stories are actually interesting, as opposed to some other webcomics I’ve seen, which in my opinion are just complete brain sores… And, honestly, I vote for Bear Nuts every day. ;)

  53. Jen Mathis

    “Now updating twice a week” YAY! Best news I’ve heard all week! :D

  54. zomgkiwi


  55. taytaylalala

    bread is safe!! =)

  56. kaijufan43

    Poor Tanked.

  57. taytaylalala

    x) “where’s the disinfectant?”
    lmao. priceless. =)

  58. burningglee

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…. its so funny when evil torments other people… hes definetely my favorite bear

  59. Chama-chan

    Yay for new page~! ^ _ ^ Ahaha, this is cute. Ah yes, Evil being evil as always. XD *giggles* HE DESERVES TO BE TRIPPED, AHAHAHAHA! But erm, didn’t you already do a 2-part comic featuring Prozac? o3o Not that I am against it, but I thought you were going to do it about someone different. This is still very cute nonetheless! I love the neat lienart. <3

  60. DArtagnan

    Yo. I’m glad I found this webcomic.
    I say your table at AB, meant to buy some shit from you guys but couldn’t find you again on Saturday.
    Anyways I just want to say I love your comic and am definitely sticking around.
    What I wouldn’t give for a death bear plushie

  61. Dorks of hazzard

    There is nothing gay about seeing women in spandex stretching

  62. Necrotix

    I think It’s agreed globally that Death needs to make more appearances

  63. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    Why won’t Evil give Lech his razor? He gave Gay his marker in “The Itch” saga!

  64. kaijufan43

    Gay is being so thoughtful with tanked!

  65. ???????

    ?? ?????? ??????!

  66. Mikey

    One of the better drawn webcomics out there
    and it’s hilarious
    i love this stuff.

  67. Bekah

    My friend just sent this to me the other day and totally caught up that night lol and its pretty much amazing. :)

  68. Thumpity

    Awesome, lol

    Not sure if it has been mentioned but any plans for a female to join the group randomly? I don’t really see it happening, just thought I’d ask lol.

  69. Raven

    OMG If you made plushies i’d buy one of each bear!!!!!!!! <3 i can’t wait to get Volume one

  70. Rawr

    OMG that boy is totally eaten, btw this would make an epic tv show

  71. Rachel


  72. Lynny

    HAHAHA! Love the Canada Day Page! Woo! Especially the Beaver and the Goose. XD

  73. TaishiOujo

    That kid looks pretty well dead… @ People who are relieved that he’s alive.
    After all, how many children do you know that can be shake’n'baked seasoned in a bag, then hung over an open fire, and not die of something?

  74. Riddle

    Oh my o_O That comic rox - I’m impressed :D!

    Greetings from Poland :)!

  75. Kitty_cat

    Uh oh… a run in with death bear can never end well… Looks liek evil is about to get his come-upance (sp)

  76. Banshee

    First, I totally agree with whoever it was who said that if you had merch which included stuffed animal versions of each character I would totally buy all of them.

    Second, why are there no girl bears? Most zoos like to have both sexes so that they can possibly breed them I thought….

  77. Skittles

    i think something bad is happening with Prozac- or his pills are kicking in!

  78. Courtney

    hi! first time commenter long time reader! I have to say I absolutely love your comic and really look forward to seeing more pages, especially of death bear. :)
    and to banshee’s comment regarding girl bears….I don’t think the zoo would want to breed these guys O-O But on the other hand, give it time. There are bears that haven’t been introduced into the comic yet.

  79. Skittles

    o noes! that’s how Evil became satanic!

  80. Dorks of hazzard

    After so long in the comic think you can give evil a big demonic form and then get 99 monk bears to seal it away and turn evil to normal or have them turn him angel like for a while then terns back to normal. pleeeeeeeease O:)

  81. Jesse

    If Evil’s handler was worth a darn, he’d turn that whip on the kids, or their parents.

  82. Skittles

    I have never seen a clown with a beard before, but now that I notice it, It is AWESOME!!

  83. Saddust

    Hi, another froggy here (^v^) greetings from Paris. Found this other jewel on the Net, added to my list with “Pride of Life”, “Zap” and some others. Tanked is sooo much my fav’ so far… Love Prozac, too. I laughed my ass off with the “insert brain” written by Evil on Gay’s head or when Evil just pour Coke in Lech’s “funnel” when he asked for drink… Just update whenever you can, we’ll read when available.

  84. gridsleep

    I knew it. I knew it. There was an award winning story in, I think, Analog (or maybe F&SF) called “Bears Discover Fire.” I like the thought of that.

  85. Bookend

    *squee* I recieved my Bear Nuts vol. 1 book in the mail today! Worth every single penny - the layout is PERFECT in a book, all the little details are so easy to see, great quality print, and awesome extras! Plus, I got a Bat Death sketch, too! *squeee* I’m definitely going to get volume 2 once that one hits the printers.

  86. Émy

    your such an artist… a have buy your book and its awsome to have all these page in a book!

  87. cyanidecandycanes

    why… why does evil have SLEEVES? o.O

  88. Sweet Dea

    theres a watch underneath his fur… GENIUS!

  89. Lax

    Ha, he was asking for that for a long time!! Stupid evil :D

  90. Sul

    Dont forget to have Fat Bear be tagged too, otherwise it doesnt seem right for Evil only to be tagged.

  91. Mew

    whos the bear with the chicken on it?

  92. Luffy

    It’s a bear that the zoo kicked long ago for eating too much :) :D and I think his more evil than Evil when it comes to food >.<

  93. BAM

    Lovely. Evil finds himself out-eviled.


  94. WraithPaladin

    Ouch! Evil seems to be catching a lot of his pent up karma lately, I wonder what will happen next, maybe he’ll get caught in mid-robbery of a tent?

    I personally hope he’s born in the 21st! Then he’ll share my birthday.

  95. Ruki

    Haha. Go Evil! Its about time he stood up and kicked some butt. Also, that is an adorable picture! I bet gaining all the weight was fun. Actually, thats always the fun part. Losing is the not so fun part! Great comic! :D:D

  96. Kitz

    oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!!!! I dunno if you’ll even read this but I think you should put up a fanart section :3

  97. hobbesme

    can’t get enough

  98. Chamaguchi

    Today’s her due date, really~? OwO Because today is my close friend’s birthday, hee hee hee~! X) It’d be cool if she was born on this day too . . . but I wish you all the best with the baby and all!! ;;w;;

    Nerd is so epic by the way!! ?

  99. Jonas

    I love our dear nerdy bear, and would love to see more of him. ultimate showdown where he and evil will have to unite to defeat their greatest (and with greatest i mean fattest ;P).
    cant wait to see/read more of all this :P

  100. Dubael

    Well, I’d check with your pediatrician, but maybe Sam is just a very hungry baby and I know (stay at home dad of twins) that hungry babies don’t sleep well. Also, during growth spurts that’s all he’ll seem to do. Eat sleep eat poop eat cry eat repeat

  101. imjustme213

    Great comic. As for the baby, there are several things you can do. If you have a Binky, put on a bit of baby food on it, and Sam will spend his time sucking on it, or, wrap your baby tightly, but not to tight in a blanket, this makes them feel safe because it makes them feel like they’re still in the womb.

  102. BeccaPorcupine

    awesome web comic XD
    will you be introducing other bears into the comic soon?

  103. NoSignature

    For a while, I’ve wanted to say congratulations with the new baby. I have a little brother who will be a year old soon, and he doesn’t sleep much either ^^;

    I’ll miss your Friday updates, but it’s totally understandable n_n I’ll be looking forward to Mondays. Your comics are my top favorite on my list!

  104. ginger

    this is freaking legendary!!!

  105. Beer-swiger

    All fans of Tankard Bear join me in a chant.

  106. Deathsia

    I have just recently found this site and am loving the series…and your baby is adorable! <3

  107. Eli

    I love the baby pics! AND the comic. :)

  108. Geek Burgette

    Oh grats again! my sister had her second about 6mons back and what an adventure it is! lol looks like a very happy very heathy baby to me! and about the comic XD i love the squirrell butt! lol

  109. Deathsia

    oh he’s cute and adorable now….but just wait for the terrible 2s! and the troublesome 3s! X3 and love the update!

  110. BluPickles

    I concur about the new HP movie! They took out all the important stuff and focused on Harry/Ginny which was BORING.

  111. Almo

    Death is amazingly cute with the butterflies! It’s like looking at a child that had his icecream spilled, light up from someone giving them more. :)

  112. gime reaper 92

    i swarer im in love with this comice its the best thing ever oly my frend keeps saying your adding new bears is that true

  113. S.P

    Death’s getting in way too deep.

  114. Almo

    I love the little lightning bolt cat! :D It’s the same as your avatar right? Is it from something else?

  115. NoSignature

    Just a quick question. What exactly IS that symbol on Gay’s belly? I’ve never seen it before.

  116. S.P

    Poor Lech . . . and everyone else.

  117. Yoshemo

    To Keejchen, Shes got a newborn baby and she still manages to crank out a quality page every week. I think shes working faster than most people would. Cut her some slack

  118. kbuck080

    a fanny pack and a baseball bat, what else does one need?

  119. kaijufan43

    oh noes! Death is gonna be undistracted

  120. kaijufan43

    Oh noes, Evil ish scarded!

  121. kaijufan43

    i knew evil was gonna do something like that

  122. Ras

    Frame 8, best one i’ve seen

  123. Kaijufan47

    Uh-Oh.. Do i even wanna know what he put on those muffins.. Hells yeah!

  124. millerdlee

    New fan. Just read the entire series today. AWESOME. Gimp is my Fav

  125. ichigo

    please make the tanked panels a flash.

  126. James


  127. Triss

    Oh man, you should have stuck to the Daleks….find out how many real nerds read your comic…which I love btw

  128. Tia

    nice comic^^
    i wonder if theres gimp bear’s comic

  129. carla

    I kinda just want a copy of the 4th panel. Love it! :D :D

  130. Krystal

    whelp…he did fix the problem….they aren’t fighting anymore..lol

  131. SethIova

    you saw that shoop I did with Death? Sorry about that, there was some thread about comic shoops or something, but I’m surprised it reached you

  132. Draconi

    THIS my feinds is what happens when you lock a ton of males together with no females.

  133. Liar-Fyre

    Might that be HP reference up there?? Or is that just my brain thinking it is…?

  134. Razz

    is it possible too add a female bear into the group or is gay bear getting competition then?

  135. Tygerwulf

    this is an adorable comic,love it to death and adore the characters. A suggestion for that “VS” thing you posted, Have Death fighting Grim from Grim adventures of Billy and Mandi. lol talk about “THIS is a Scythe” lol could be cute

  136. The Bell Boy

    I love tanked. I want a tanked bear as a pet.

  137. bloodydeckjr

    evil is awesome and funny but so is evil but what is the new characters name

  138. Katie


    Just thought I’d man up and post a comment with some more positive feedback, because you totally deserve it. :) I love “Bear Nuts”. These little guys are absolutely adorable and the comic is beautifully put together! Give yourself a pat on the back, girly! You deserve it!

  139. Quack

    I hate evil… I hope he gets stabbed.

  140. o.o GIR o.o

    O.O wtf happened to their steak?!?!!? imma kill whoever took steak away from evil >.>

  141. lt_amazil

    my bet is it’s a PANDA BEAR =3

  142. Eyesonly

    China? Thera are pandas and tigers. Since panda is a bear and it would make more fun, my guess is Panda also.

  143. Libby Rust

    Lol, I didn’t BN and I shared the same birthday! Awesome! ^___^

  144. Libby Rust

    Arg, I posted this on the wrong page, LOL.

  145. Luckeux

    I predict a PANDA

  146. Flippy Bear

    Ya-Hoo!! 200th Page, Folks! Bear Nuts ROX!!! XD
    I Will Make FanArt of this, Someday…

  147. Cokekitty

    So this brings up a question:

    Ping Pong is, I’m assuming, going to be referred to as Vanity Bear in the future (I’m guessing this from the title of this arc, I don’t honestly know). Does this mean that the other bears - Prozac, Evil, etc. - all have “names” as well? Perhaps something the zookeepers refer to them as?

  148. Laup

    I know this may sound stupid, but some of the bears look like cartoon rabbits

  149. bonclay

    oh this gunna take five bottles for prozac to get over

  150. Snarkyfox

    Omg, I think death needs to have a ‘talk’ with ping pong. What a little bitch! XD

  151. ZincChloride

    I found your web comic today and read every single one… I took a few breaks :P
    P.S. Awesome Comic. I also think that the extra character in the bios page should be like an ex-special forces bear named shooter or recon or recoil (that was my nickname in the military) … later!

  152. Zukibat

    Its better to burn out than fade away…or just burn as we all know what Evil would want most to to happen to PingPong :E

  153. Burger

    Does that Panda have any idea what he is saying?

    “The Zoo will earn a fortune and be able to afford your steaks if I get hurt!”

  154. Valentine

    out of curiosity are red pandas bears they look more like also wonderful work as usual can’t wait for next strip

  155. Valentine

    damn my errors i meant to say red pandas look more like raccons sorry for commenting twice

  156. GIMP

    an elephant, wow

  157. Lurker

    Hi! Another first commenter (but not so long time reader) reporting in!
    I just love this awesome comic. It’s cool to see how well balanced you’ve got this comic. It’s got humor, but shows some serious matters too. The characters are all so different and I love all those situations they get to when interacting with each other. I can’t really much decide which bear I like the best because they all are awesome in their own unique way. But if I were forced to choose, then I’d say Death. Or Tanked. Or Gay. Or… ARGH. I just can’t choose!
    Anyway, I have to quote Tonka in “Many web comics have lousy art and a lousy story, great art and a lousy story, or lousy art and a great story. Very rarely does a comic like this come along that has both high quality art and a decent story.” because it is trufax. I’m happy to have found this comic and I can’t wait to see more. At first glance the comic did seem a bit odd, but more I read the more I started to like this. A lot.
    Keep up the good work! :)
    Oh and greetings from Finland.

  158. mcmech

    Awwwww…Tanked made a friend! And Allison, I absolutely LOVE the expression on Tanked’s face as he is cracking open the beer! Now that is JOY!

  159. Seacow

    Been reading Bear Nuts since the beginning and it’s awesome that it is still going so strong! Just to point out from one animator to another that Evil’s hands in the 8th panel are backwards =p.

  160. Insane

    I just started reading a day or two ago-the first time I tried this comic it didnt sit right-just read it on the wrong day-or I should have started at the beginning-either way I like it. I feel sorry for evil, I identify with prozac, I think death is COOL-but will need a caffeine intervention down the road, Tanked is loveable, I hope Crack gets a little better-at least the tapes dont seem to be making things worse,I don’t think I’d get the same enjoyment of Gimp’s company that others might but he seems nice enough, Lech…I’m gonna leave that one alone, Gay…see lech, Nerd-switch Trek specialization with Greater General Knowledge of all things geek and thats me-though I refuse to steal credit cards, Vanity…Evil’s plan is just too far but I’d give that snot a couple swift kicks to the crotch given the chance. I dont care if the species is going out-inferior genetics should not continue!

    Over all-I like it and I will be reading-though like every other comic I read, I wish you did more updates. Such is life. And its usually busy as hell.

  161. Diamondwing

    Please never stop making these comics. After a hard day’s work or i’m feeling down I just come here. It always makes me smile. Thank you for imparting this wonderful comic to the world of the inter-webs. Your an inspiration to myself and to many others. Creativity is so vivid here I’m suprised it doesn’t write and draw itself.

  162. Insane

    Post Script-need forums


    its abird its a plane nah its just nerd in a super man outfit

  164. Paul

    I love Gay’s evolution of expressions on this page 226, especially the last one with that maliciously gleeful smile.

  165. Wowzar

    I had no idea that Prozac could be that terrifying.

  166. heather

    Prozac is going to go nuts with them all XD

  167. Vulpixgirl


  168. Vulpixgirl

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Are those tough looking polar bears the new characters?
    2. Have you ever considered making any female bear characters?

  169. Shadow

    you can tell them apart by their eye brows

  170. Pikaseel

    ‘I always have room for vengeance’ That’s why I love Evil <3

  171. Aps

    So very sorry for the trauma of the car wreck!! Glad you’re all okay though, that’s the most important thing…and sounds like that woman has learnt a very harsh lesson.

  172. kit

    aaaawwww evils so cute! -^_^-

  173. pazuzu

    see i read ur comic i hope u go by zoo rules that is for every 4 male bears there has to be 1 female bear that the rule for bears polar and regular for pandas its different. the zoo people should notice it soon before the zoologist and the zoo investigator come which is once a year or the zoo will be under investigation to found out why their are missing 2 female bears and these zoologist are smart they can tell when a male bear is acting like a female like gay bear lol its true thats the rule i asked some of people who work at a zoo.

  174. pazuzu

    sorry for being a smart ass I LOVE UR COMIC EVIL IS MY FAVORITE

  175. mt11

    Don’t do female bears! You’ll destroy the story…

  176. Pam

    My artist/new comic writer friend Beth told me about this amazingly hilarious comic called Bear Nuts. After I read the first comic, I was hooked. I read the entire series in one sitting. I grew up with brothers and in so many ways these bear display what a typical sibling/family dynamic is like. That is definitely one of the most addicting/humourous aspects of this comic; it’s relatable. Their actions are an intergration of both primal needs and human personification, not to mention it’s freakin’ ridiculous amusement. Evil is definitely one of the most entertaining, but Death has his moments of wisdom and heroism as well. Well done Alison. Well done.

  177. zombie matt

    lolololo steven why

  178. picoli61

    I love all your work so far I cant say why but all the trouble these bears go through reminds me of my childhood

  179. bakaneko

    I have a mustang… I love you for this arc

  180. Hoheh

    And this is why you shouldn’t let car fetishist bears drive.

  181. lumikuma


  182. Raven

    Hey there!
    In regards to the plush idea (which makes me squee) Why not run a poll on it? to see interest levels. You could make sure to put in big bold letters that its just out of curiosity, that it doesn’t mean you will be making that investment any time soon. You could track not only how much interest you get but also how fast you get it. could be a good start! :) And as always keep up the good work! This is a great comic!

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    Criticism is welcome I want to improve.

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    It’s a poopy situation, but just because someone has special needs, does that mean that other people in society are required to sacrifice their own wants and needs to compensate for that individual? To effectively be prisoners of their relationship to that person?

  261. Dragon jak

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    sure, you could argue that he’s just against things changing from how they once where, and there might be a lot of very subtle changes to him that he maybe doesn’t like, but as is, the reasoning seems somewhat thin for such a drastic change in character, as well as in an attempt to return things to the status quo. I do hope admin addresses these issues, but I am still enjoying this series enormously, and im happy to overlook this if nothing gets done.

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