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August 19th, 2008

Page 03

BEAR NUTS for August 19, 2008 - 03 Bear Nuts


  1. TheRedSparrow

    Last panel, I love Evils ‘Woo!! Success!!’ look.

  2. Gothpy

    Funny Comic man XD

  3. Tyciol

    Do I see some tummy symbol Belly Badges??

  4. Kitsunekage

    I’ve noticed something while re-reading this, in these first few pages, Prozac looks more pissed than he normally does in the later pages…. could this be an increase in his pill consumption?

  5. Darth_Kaos

    Evil is not Evil…He’s Ebil!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Caboosisms


  7. Gnarnn

    Tanked is the best bear Ever

  8. Waat

    Care Bears gone mad?

  9. Arifur Rahman

    I would like to post your comic at
    I’m asking for your permission.
    please let me know.
    Arifur Rahman

  10. sneakers

    Man, I remember when this comic came out. And it still entertains me! I don’t know why I never commented, though

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