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Monday — November 24th, 2014

Page 449

Gay enjoys offering the rare olive branch, or perhaps he’s just playing the long game… Sara is a study of how many ways can I draw “incredulous”.  Which reminds me of a comic gig I had a long time ago where some of the editor’s revisions included phrases like “Can you make her look more confident/terrified?”  I like to think I’m pretty handy with expressions and emoting… but I just didn’t know what to do with that.

Fun Xmas ideas:  We recently repainted the kid’s playroom and I got my free sample wall decal from Neatorama (because they’re really cool and they love to give their artists free samples so we like them more… bribes!  Bribes!)  and it looks awesome!  It’s also way bigger than I expected; it’s about 24 inches across and it took us awhile to put up because we suck and kept getting bubbles (it peels off and resticks easily though).  The thing is huge, and laser cut, and in three pieces (I’m lucky the guy at the store put the screen protector on my phone for me :)

Anyway, if you’re looking for fun decor ideas for kid’s rooms (or any room), pretty much the whole Neato catalogue can be printed on these (or stickers if you want something smaller).  I’m also available for commissions if you want something custom/unique for your kid’s/etc room.

Black Friday is upon us again soon so I’ve got lots of sales to tell you guys about: starting with Teepublic as they’re doing a FREE T-SHIRT giveaway to celebrate.  Hit up the relevant Bear Nuts FB post here for the details (like/share/comment to enter).  The contest will run for the week and then we’ll announce TWO winners on Friday!

Also!  Screen printed version of ‘BEST FRIENDS FOREVER’ is up today only at Qwertee, which is a great UK based site so good shipping rates for that half of the globe :)

And finally, vote incentive: the sugary clique and the lonely lettuce (sounds like a really weird children’s book.


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