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Monday — July 18th, 2016

Page 535

We moved back in Dec so it was a few months after, when the weather warmed up, that we started to meet our new neighbours.  They all have kids around the same age as ours, some exactly the same.  Our immediate neighbours on both sides have work from home dads and teacher moms.  Everyone’s home for the summer of course and there’s always kids out back, or coming up to our back door and asking to be let in.  When they all get out back, it turns into a crazed pack that just stops listening (there’s 9 total and only 3 of them are girls, two of those under age 2 and not talking yet, they have no calming influence on the rampaging boy band).  It’s an interesting experience considering our old neighbours on one side pretty much kept to themselves, and on the other had one son a lot older than Sam.  Impromptu bbq outside last night but I still managed to whip up some cookies and unfurl the new bouncy castle- guess who the stampede of children like best now? :)

Oh and Crack is messed UP.

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