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Monday — March 30th, 2015

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Women of the (zoo) world unite!  Ella’s getting bigger :)  Sara’s getting concussed.  I do a lot of anti-bullying seminars with the kids at the dojo where we talk about empathy and putting your self in someone else’s shoes, and then I thought about the polars: they’re just jerks.  Steven at least would probably be oblivious, and Butch is a follower, so Hulk just bosses everyone around.  He’s the kid who laughs at you when you trip in the yard and skin your knee.

Today, Evan informed me that bananas can’t talk because they don’t have eyes.  We also buzzed all their hair and my bathroom is covered in soft little kid fuzz.  Evan was agreeable, Sam was semi co-operative, and Owen made the best aggrieved faces the whole time.

New shirt Monday again on Woot:  Break Time around the water tower.

I read that lab grown beef is getting more and more cost effective to produce… I’m definitely curious to see where that leads.  I get that cattle are incredible polluters/resource hoovers so the environmental benefits could be extreme, but what about health?  Will a pound of petri meat have less fat than the traditional version?  Can they grow heart healthy burgers?  Between that and Tesla’s self driving car (and the flying car?) by this summer thing, I’m really curious to see what the next few decades bring… before we blow ourselves up of course.  Anyway, vote incentive:  this burger says hi.


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