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Monday — April 21st, 2014

Page 418

Happy belated Easter weekend to those who celebrate, and those who just eat way more chocolate than usual :)  My brother’s girlfriend won a giant white chocolate bunny from a draw at a grocery store.  This thing is a monster that stood almost as tall as the twins.  It’s hollow but it’s thick and I can’t imagine how long it will take to eat it all, kind of getting queazy just thinking about it.  I like white chocolate, but it gets a little too sweet really fast.  We broke off the head and brought it home in a bag; from the tips of the ears to the bottom of it’s jagged neck wound it’s as long as my forearm.  Maybe I’ll just throw it on the floor and let my wild pack of animals devour the carcass…

I totally meant to respond to some of the comments last week and then I… forgot.  Lame excuse, sorry.  But the wishful thinking for a strapping, manly love interest for Gay did stick out as he’s already got one, or four actually :)  Lech, and three hulking male polar bears who are confined to a small exhibit and do nothing but workout all day.  I imagine there’s a lot of pent up urges in a zoo…

For my European fans!  ‘Super Exclusive Club’ (or the “You made Batman cry!” shirt as Sam calls it) is available now on TeeTee.  (for 48 hours)  They’re based in Italy so better shipping rates for you!

My Pabu shirt was up yesterday at Ript but you can still get it for a few more hours in their last chance section!  I’ve also started working on some random little Father’s Day design ideas like this so this week’s vote incentive is a little Star Warsish.


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Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P