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Monday — August 24th, 2015

Page 488

I really haven’t been sleeping well lately, and by lately I mean like the whole last month plus.  I wake up before the kids all the time now, sometimes an hour or more.  I roll over and the clock starts with a 5 and I used to get irrationally upset, but now I’m resigned.  Sometimes I’d go for an early run, now I just try to enjoy an hour of peace to myself (no one trying to “share” my breakfast!) but I’m toast by like 9:30 pm.  I feel like I’m too young to be in bed by 10 every night (not to mention post bedtime is usually my most productive time of the day!).  I have no idea what’s caused this apparent shift in my circadian rhythm?  The hot summer?  Overwork?  Pre-pre menopause??  Let’s add a couple more ‘pres’ on there…. I might just have to start adopting Jim’s usual schedule of a morning nap, followed by an afternoon nap (and yet he has “NO TIME” to help with the yard work… riiiiigghhht.)

At least Death’s having a good day… so far…

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