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Monday — April 13th, 2015

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I have a feeling Sara and Vanity may hit it off…  We took the boys to a toddler cake decorating class before Easter and they made a bunny and a butterfly cake (I realized my error as I’m coming home with two full sized cakes, ugh.)  They had a blast, Nana and I did most of the work.  Owen actually tried, Evan just ate icing by the palm full as Nana covered his cake.  They had fun dumping sprinkles/etc. all over, and the very clean little girl sharing our table kept asking her mom why “that one” has icing in his hair/eye brows/ears.

They got to enjoy the fruits of their labour for dessert on Easter Sunday and I was trying to get Owen to use  a fork correctly; he kept picking up a chunk of cake in his free hand, mashing it onto the fork, then bringing the fork up to his mouth.  I tried a few times to demo, then used his hand to perform the same motion, then he looked at me, looked at the fork, put it down, and promptly dropped his face to cake level and just started in no hands… I am raising animals.

Available today only on Ubertee, and just in time for THRONES! (not that there will be any peaceful happy moments like this).

Vote incentive: some fun fan art of a tiger version of one of the bears; nice job!  If there’s a site or DA page or something you’d like me to link, let me know :)


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